h Rzcz-rzvrrve. But fee, that name immortal to adorn, What future crowds fhall yearly tribute pay:

Think, mighty Prunes, what numbers yet unborn Shall blefs_ the dawn of this aufpicious day.

Am. Fir’d with the thought, the mufe, tranfported, flies Thro’ the bright fcenes of ages yet to rife, In ev’ry region charm’d to find Her King inr0ll’d With chiefs of old, The great deliv’rers of mankind.

Rx-zcxra-rrvs. Hear, gracious Hcav’n, our plOUS pray’r, Long be our Monarch’: life thy care.

Da Capo.


Prais’d for ever be the day .

Which, propitious

To our wiihes, Calls forth the tributary lay. Heav’n preferve to our poffefling Still fecure the might) blefling. Happy thus beyond exprefling,

Ever let us hail the day. Da Capo;

Tin Snark-reap’: LIFE preferred’.

Imitated from t5: Greek cf Mq/Z-bur.

HEN weliern breezes fan the fhore, And gently {well the azure wave; I yield unto the fofflning pow’r: (The mufe’s tranfports then would grieve).

When loud the thiclflning tempefis fly, Enrage, and dalh the foaming floods;

From the rude fcene I trembling hie, And plunge into the fafer woods.

Nor fea, nor deaPning din, is there, The {tormy fury ltraight does pleafe; I hear it founding from afar; a It ling: or murmurs through the trees»

S a A filherman