EPILOGUE, WVr-itlenfiy Mr. Gangtok.

Spoken 6y Illrs. Y A T E S,

Xhaufied quite with prifons, racks, and death, Permit me here to take a little breath!

‘You who have Teen my actions, known their fprings,

Say, are we Women fuch infipid things?

Say, lords of the creation, mighty men !

In what have you furpaffd us, mu/zere? and when?

I come to know to mubom the palrp is due;

To us weak vefTels, or to ltronger you}

Againil your conqu’ring {words I draw-my fan,

Come on! now parry Marg’ret, if you can.

Set: berj/E/yfiizr a poflure qfdgfmq,

Stand up ye boafiers! [10 r11; it] don’t there tneaking fit: Are you for plea/int’, politics, or 14:5! .9

The boxes lmile to fee me (cold the pit. § ‘Their turn is next,—and tho’ Iwill not wrong ’em,

A woful havoc there will be among ’em.

You, our bell friends, love, cherilh, and refpeet us,

Not take our fortunes, marry, and neglect us.

You think indeed, that as you pleafe, you rule us,

And with a ltrange importance often fchool us l

Yet let each Citizen defcribe a brother,

I’ll tell you what you fay of one another.

My neig/aéour leadx, pparjbul, a wuoqfit/ ltffe,

rzvortby mam-Jar gawrrr/d by bi,- quzfr.’ l

How fay you l-what, all filent! then ’tis true,

YVe rule the City Now, great Sirs, to You

[To t/ne Boxlq,

What is your boafl? ‘-Vou’d you like me have done, To free a captive wife, or fave a Ton?

Rather than run fuch dangers of your lives,

You’d leave your children, and lock up your wives. When with your nobleft deeds a nation rings,

You are but puppets, and we play the llflflgS-r-r

We plan no battles-true,-but out of fight,

Crack goes the fan, and armies halt or fight !

You have the advantage, l.adies! tvifely reap it,

And let me hint the only way to keep it.

Let men of vain ideas have their fill,

Frown, bounce, firide, llrut, while you with happy lkill, Like anglers, ufe the finefi lilken thread;

Give line enough, nor check a tugging head 5 ' The