their minds imprelTed with an aw- ful fenfe of an invilible and irrelilli- ble power, it was natural for them to erect altars wherever they fo- journed during their peregrina- stions, and to multiply them where they took up their abode.

The huge broad flat liones railed upon other {tones let up on end for that purpofe, now called Crom- lechs, the author fuppofes to be the remains of thefe altars; and he veonjeftures that Crom-lecl: is de- rived from the Hebrew Caremluacb, a devoted [lone or altar,

The heaps of fiones that are called Carnrdde in this illand, are fuppofed to have been originally thrown together, on the fame, or a like occafion, with the heap men- tioned in the 46th verfe of the 31ft chapter of Genefis, to con- firm and commemorate a cove. nant. And jacob laid to his 'i‘ brethren, Gather flones; and they brought Ptones; and made

-“ an heap, and they did cat upon

the heap.”

There are alfo in Anglefey, near thefe heaps, pillar Hones, which agree alfo with the patriarchal practice defcribed by Moles in the fame chapter. Moreover Laban laid to jacob, Behold this heap, ',‘ and behold this pillar which I have let between me and thee; ‘_‘ this heap {hall be a witnefs, and this pillar {hall be a witnels, that I will not come over this heap to thee, and that thou (halt not came over this heap and this ‘,‘ pillar t0 me, for evil.”

It is probable that thefe Hones, when the remains of the true reli- gion degenerated into idolatry, were worlhipped, particularly ‘the pillar llones: for the fame thing happened among the Jews : _ they



made them marzeoab, fays the Sacred Hillary, i. e, [landing pi].- lars; for though our tranllators render marzebab by images, yet it means a rough, unhewn, unefiigi- ated pillar. The flones let up by Jacob, Rachel, and Abfalom, are expreiTed by the fame word mat- ZLbd/J.

We learn from Scripture, that the ftrfi temples, or local confe- crations, were groves of oak, under WIIlCh God appeared, angels were entertained, covenants formed, and oblations offered. Abraham, fay: Moles, pafled through the land to the oa/tr of Moreh, for fo the words ad n/lon JlIore/a fhould be rendered, where the Lord appeared to him, Genelis xii. 6. We alfo read, that the men of Shechem gathered. together, and made Abimelech king by the oak of the pillar, Judges ix. 6. The fame regard to the oak was paid ‘oy the Jews during their idolatry; for we are told in the 13th verfe of the 6th chapter of Ezekiel, “that under every thick oak did they offer {weet facrifice to their idols.”

From the oak therefore, our firfl: mailers of knowledge, and guides" in religion, took their diflinftion; and from demo, an oak, were called Derrwid, Druids. A

This author (uppofes, that when the Druids had acquired fuch re-l putation and power as to pre. {cribe law to others, they looked about for a commodious place where to eflablifh lheir model, and at length fixed upon Mona, now Anglefey, which he lhews to be eminently fit for their purple, efpecially as it was well ltored" with fpacious groves of their fa- vourite ma.

That the Druids Cllablllltfd‘