fearlefs of the omnipotence and an- ger of their Creator, they fpread their evil imaginations amongll the angelic holl, deceived them, and drew a large portion of them from their allegiance-And there was a feparation from the throne of the eternal on e.—Sorrow feized the faithful angelic fpirirs, and anguilh was now firlt known in heaven.”

S e c T. IV. Tb! puniflvment 4f t/re r/e/Srzqusnt


" THE eternal one, whofe om-

nifcience, prefcience, and influence, extended to all things, except the aélions of beings, which he had created firs, beheld with grief and anger, the defec- tion of Moifafoor, Raabon, and the other angelic leaders and fpi- rits.—-Merciful in his tavrath, he fent Birmah, Billnoo, and Sieb, to admonilh them of their crime, and to perfuade them to return to their duty; but they exulting in the imagination of their independence, continued in difobedience.--The eternal one then commanded Sieb, to go armed with his omnipo- tence, to drive them from heaven, and plunge them into utter dark- nefs, there doomed to fufier for


Seer. V.

The mitigation of the purzifflvnzent of 1/18 delinquent angels, and tbezr

final fintezzte.

" T HE rebellious angels groan. ed under the difpleafure of their Creator in darknefs, for the

fpace of four hundred and twenty.


fix millions ofyears; during which period, Birmah, Bifinoo, and Sieb, and the refi: of the faithful angels, never ceafed imploring the eter- nal one, for their pardon and re- ll0f3[lOD.—-Tl\(i eternal one, by their interceffion, at length relent- ed,-and although he could not forefee the elfeét of his mercy on the future conduct of the delin- quents, yet unwilling to relin- quifh the hopes of their repent- ance, he declared his will,-That they lhould be releafed from the darknefs, and be placed in fuch a fiate of trial and proéarion, that they fhould {till have power to work out their own falvation. The eternal one then promulged his gracious intentions, and delegating the power and government of hea- ven toBirmah, he retired into him- felf, and became invilible to all the angelic holl, for the fpace of five thoufand years.— At the end of this period he manifelled himfelf again, refumecl the throne oflight, and appeared in his glory. And the faithful angelic bands celebrated his return in fongs of gladnefs.

t‘ When all was hulhed-the eternal one faid, Let the univerfe of fifteen planets for purgation and purification appear, for the refidence of the rebellious angels.-And it inllantly appeared.

And the eternal one faid, Let Billnoo, armed with my power, defcend to the new creation, and releafe the rebellious angels from the darknefs, and place them in the lowefi of the fifteen planets.

Biitnoo llood before the throne and (aid, Eternal one, I have done as thou hall commanded.

with afionifhment, and beheld the X 4. wonders

And, all the faithful angelic holl flood" '