planets of purification-For it is decreed that the rebellious angels {hall not cnter heaven, nor behold my fate, until they have paflied the eiriht planets of puniihment, and the feven planets of purifica- ticn.

‘~ Vfhen the angelic faithful hofi heard all that the eternal out; nad fpoken, and decreed, concerning the rebellious angels, they fung forth his praife, his power, and juliice.

‘i"'v’hen all was hulhed, the eternal ONE {aid to the angelic holt, I will extend my grace to the rebellious angels. for a certain fpace, which I will tiittide into four ages. In the {irii t-f the four ages, l will, that the t;-rm of their probation in the erg ty-feventh tranfmigration of man {hail extend to |oo,coo years,--in the lecond of their four ages, the term of their probation in man, {hall be abridged to 10,003 years,-in the third of the four ages, it {hall be yet abridg- ed to tooo year<,-and in the fourth age to ico years onlyw-And the angelic holt celebrated, in {houts of joy, the mercy and for- bearance of God.

~‘ V\ hen all was hulhed, the eternal out; faid, ‘It {hall be,— that when the {pace of time, wh-eh l have decreed for the du- ration of the univerfe, and the {pace which my mercy has allotted for the probation of the fallen an- gels, {hail be accompliihed, by the revolutions of the four ages,-in that day, {hould there be any tf them who remaining reprobate, have not paffed the eighth planet of punilhment and probation, and have not entered the ninth planet, even the firlt planet of purifica-


tion; ' thou Sieb fhalt, armed with my power, call: them into darknels for ever.—And thou {halt then dePtroy the eight planets of punilhment, putgation and pro- bation, and they {hall be no more. -.-\nd thou Bittnoo {halt yet for a {pace preferve the feven planets of pur/ficatian, until the angels who have benefited of my grace and mercy, have by thee been purified frcm their {in;-and in" the day when that {hall be accomplilhed, and they are rellored to their llate, and admitted to my prefence,-- thou Sieb {halt then deltroy the fe- ven planets of purification, and they {hall be no more.

And the angelic faithful hofi trembled at the power and words of the eternal ONE.

The eternal one {poke again and faid,—l have not with-held my mercy from Moifafoor, Raabon, and the relt of the leaders of the rebellious angels; but as they thirfied fer power, I will enlarge their powers of etuilp-they {hall have liberty to pervade, and enter into the eight planets of purgation and probation, and the delinquent angels {hall be expofed and open to the fame temptations that firlt inlligated their revolt: but the ex- ertion of thofe enlarged powers, which I will give to the rebellious leaders, {hall be to rbem the fource of aggravated guilt and punilh-ment ; and the refiliance made t0 their tem ptation, by the perverted angels, {hall be to me thegreatproqfbftlle {in- cerityoftheirforrow and repentance.

The eternal one ceafed.-. And the faithful holt {houted forth fongs ofpraife and adoration, mix. ed with grief and lamentation

for the fate 0f their lapfed bre, thren.