threw-They communed amongfi: themfelves, and, with one voice, by the mouth of Billnoo, befought the eternal one, that they might have permillion to defcend oecafio- nally to the eig/n planets of punilh- ment and purgation, to afihme the form of man, and by their prefence, counfel, and example, guard the unhappy and perverted angels, againlt the further temptations of Moifafoor, and the rebellious lea- ders.-—The eternal one afl"ent~ ed, and the faithful heavenly band ihouted their longs of gladnefs and thanlifgiving.

" When all was hulhed, the e-

ternal one fpake again, and (aid, .-Do thou, Birmah, arrayed in my glory, and armed with my power, defcend to the lowell planet of pu- nilhment and purgation, and make known to the rebellious angels the Words that I have uttered, and the decrees which I have pronounced againlt them, and fee they enter into the bodies which I have pre- pared for them. ' And Birmah flood before the throne, and (aid, Eternal one, I have done as thou hall: command- ed--'I‘he delinquent angels re- joice in thy mercy, confefs the juf- tice of thy decrees, avow their for- row and repentance, and have entered into the mortal bodies which thou hall: prepared for them.”

Boort II. Sear. VIII.

Birmabalr, 0r Creation.” ‘F ND it was-—-that when the eternal O N a refolved to form the new creation of the

* Difcord, enmity.


univerfe, he gave the rule of hea- ven to his firlt created Birmah, and became invifible to the whole angelic hofi.

When the eternal one firlt began his intended new crr-ation of the univerfe, he was oppofed by two mighty giants, whichprareeded from the wax of Birmah’s ear; and their names were Modoo‘, and Kytoo 1-.

And the eternal on E con- tended and fbugb: with Modoo and Kytoo five thoufand years, and he {mote them on the zbrgb, and they were loll, and aflirnilated with the earth.

And it was, --—that when Modoo and Kytoo were fubdued, the eternal ox: emerged from his {late of invifibility, and glory en- compelled him on every fide!

" And the eternal one fpoke, and laid, Thou Birmah lhalt £r£~ are and form all things that {hull be made in the new creation of the fifteen planets of punilhment and purification, according to the powers of the fpirit wheretvith thou {halt be infpiredw-And thou, Biflnoo, {halt fuperintend, cherifh, and prefer-we all the things and forms which (hall be created. And thou, Sieb, {halt c/fvnnge, or elf/fray, all creation, accorrtng to the powers wherewith I will invell: thee.

And when Birmah, Biflnoo, and Sieb, had heard the words of the eternal 0x5, they all bowed obedience.

f‘ The eternal our: fpolte again, and laid to Birmah. Do thou begin the creation and formation of n}: eig/sl/J planet of punifnment and probation, even the planet of the

Coniufion tumult. ‘l’ 2 earth,