C H A P. IV.


Sta/e of ajair: in Inclofian. The Maratta: male an irruptioiz infawour of Sujah Doula : are routed h] General Carnac. 3ujah Doula ficrrender; hint/elf a prifoner to the General. Mir jafier dies; ixfitcceeded h] hi: fon Najicrn il Doula. delvantageou: treaty concluded h) the company with theyozcng Nahoh. [gq


Lord Clieve arrive: in Bengal. Selee‘? committee efiahliflveel. Covenants) figned, to pre-‘uent the receiving of preyetzts. Inauiry ahoat was.» that had hem lately receiwett, and di/pzite: thereon. The jeleé? committee fend for gentlemen to lilac/res, to fill up the vacancies in the council at Calcutta. Great unecfinefi thereat. Peace concluded with Sujah Doula. Treaty hetfzueen the Conzpaaiy and the Mogul. Jnzrnen/e revenue arifing to the Company in con/ejzicnce of the late treaty. Profperousfiate of their afairs, we. ' [25

C H A P. VI‘.

Dz/lrefletlfiate of the nation and colonies : hoth involved in the greate/Z cliff- ' cultie: h) the ne-zu laqu: refpmfiing the colonies. Critical fituation of the mini/try. State of parties.» .4 powerful oppzfition formed. Parliament meets. The hing in hi: fpeech take: particular notice of the American afairs. fldddrtjfle: thereon. Both hon/Fr: afiaurneclflr the lzolidays. [31


Parliament meet: after the holidays. The American afair: again particularly recommended from the throne; arldrcfles thereon. Joetition: fint from the trading and manufaéturing towns. Great dehate: upon the right of taxa- tien. ‘The right of taxation con rnzea’ and a/certained. - - 3 5


A hill hrought in andpafidflr jecurizzg the dependency of the colonies, E5 c. Bill hrought in for the total repeal of the fiamp-ac‘? ; great dehates there; upon ; the hill paflid h] a great majority. Bill qfindemnity pafed. Re- peal of the gyder-aét. Bill for opening free port: in the Weft Indies. Par. ttiament hreak: up 5 change in the rniniflry, Ur. ' [44