J natural hiflory if cold, cuithfeweral curious experiments.

ii On the circulation of the nervous fluid. -—— 9 5 dn account cf the plague at Con/Iantinople. -—" - 99

Jn account of the Orang Outang, or qvild man of the <woods. —- I04. .4 natural hi/tory of the hea-ver. 107 Thoughts on vegetation. -- 1 1o

.41: account of the caje of a young lady, who dranh fia-quater for an itfiant-

tnation and tumour in the upper lip ; conztnunicated to Dr. Huxhatn. l I l Cafe of a lochedjaqu. - —- 113 An account of‘ the cafe of an extraneous hody forced into the lungs. -— 1 l some curious particulars relatitve to Spain. —q—-—— I l

fln account of a [mall ferpent found in a hen’s egg. -— I I9 1n account of a ‘very/ingular phenomenon flen in the di/h of the fun. I20 Jccount o/ a fitrprt/ing hot Q/einduihich hlmws in flrahia. —— l2! Curious extrafis from the Travels of Dr. Hafilgui/Z, rviz.

On the prefint appearance of the country of Yudea. —- l2: The u/e of locufls for food in Arahia. -

Of the pfilli and the fafcination of/erpents in Egypt. 1 25 Remar/tahle manner of afli/Ying the fecundazion of the date-

tree. -— - - 1 25

——--——- Of the hippopotamus, or rieuer-hot/e. -—-———- I27 Of the camel-deer. -—-—- .__-- I23

Of the rock-goat. —' -— —- ibid.

Of the came/eon. -- -— I 2g

To giqze quine an agreeahleflttwour. -- l 3o

-‘q,_}_- Of the cuttleji/h, ifc. ibid.


Extraflfront Voltairfs Philofiphy of Hi/Iorly. -— —- i 3 I Of the cit/toms and opinions of almofl all the ancient nations. -—- 133 Of the fir]? people twho "wrote [Qlflflf], and of the fahles of the ancient hi/Iorians. -—- —— l 34.

Ohferwatiotts on the hoohs, the materials, and mode of Quriting, in ufe amongfl the ea/lern nations. -—-——-— 133

Of the coflins anciently ufed, and the method of emhalmizzg among/l the Egyp- tians and Yew: ; muith/bme remarhs on the/epulture ofour Lord. I41

The antiquity and duty of fajing grace hefore and after meat ccn/idered. I45 *

USEFUL PROJECTS, 85C. Of flack paint with waier, and cf the ‘valuahle hlach called Indian in .

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