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$otne account of a cli/gui/itiott on medicines t/zat drfil-ve t/ne flone; in w/Jtc/z Dr. Clwittic/t’: flcret i: con/idered and df/coqxerea ; by dlexattdet- Blackriee. I d letter to tbe Bsl/lzop of Kildare, from Tltotnas Butler, Efq; concernings: remedy for t/Je/tone and gravel. --_- 163 x1 letter from tbe Dean of Kildare on t/Je/atne. - 154 .411 excellent receipt for preventing t/ae flic: damaging the feeding leave; tarnips, cabfiages, fawqys, cole, ave/d, flax, and many ot/aer ‘vegetabler,

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Reflefiion: on t/Je general pritzczjzle: cf war; and on t/Je compofition and c/Jarac- ter: if tbe dif/Yrezzt armies in Etcrope ; 5y a general qflcer, rwbo jerq/ed/e-

‘veral campaign: in tlae AD/jlrian arm]. -— -- 16g De la Preditatio/"z ( on j-reac/atng printed at Paris, I 766. -— I76 Carton: extraii: from lV/zislocke’: notes. —- 1 84. Of t/Je title q/‘Dfinder cft/Je Fair/a, Efc. from the/ante. —- 187 (Int-ion: oé/ewuation: made in a voyage to the 77¢]! Inclzei. -- 3289

Some tboztg/xts on t/Je Fnglijb lattguage. "" "' I94. 972a Qfict: of/Jaézttcal nii/eqy, exemplified in the of a dzfaHed/oldier. 197 CYw/y cfa letter from t/ze Duc/Befi QfCle-velatzd to King C/aarle: H. 2o!

Htutzornrt: letter from t/Je Gazetteer. -— —— - 20; Co?’ qQIa letter jaid to be ‘varitten 5y t/re late Earl of Qtford to In; d2‘? 1 . "- '- '— 2o Ii-tntorons propcfal for a female admintfflration. -— —- 2C9 Snort account of a late adtnzniflration. -— —' 212 fltgf-wer to ilte/bregoing. -_ __. -- 2| 3 Urtgiztczl letter, jazz! to 5e =wrote 5y Lady [Wary PVort/ey Montague, from Cotflitzntinople, to a Pfenetiatt noéleman. -— -— 216 flira-zvt/lcr’: opinion oftlte Eng/if]: in general. "' '_ . 219 HQt/norcu: met/fad ofreadiug t/Je IIC-‘KUS -pa‘t»ers. —— - 2Z0 Re/nar/ét on jo/ne pafage: in Mr. Ulla’: enquiry into the beauties Qf paint- mg, Ur. -—~ —— -'— 2 Z 5 :1 cte/criptiot/ of tcuo curious cloc/Iu‘, intended a: a pre/ent from the Eafl-Indza cent cmv, to n5: Em eroro C/zina, made En 1i l; arti l-r- 2 O . J’ g P O E T R Y.-

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