A man pointing up from sidewalk where he is crouching next to boy sitting on luggage, near three women, with clock and line of automobiles, including taxi, in the background.



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Fedora Object to Object Relationship Metadata. 1016 B application/rdf+xml
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DC Record 1.93 KiB text/xml
OBJ datastream 14.78 MiB image/tiff
TECHMD_FITS 6.08 KiB application/xml
Thumbnail 24.44 KiB image/jpeg
Medium sized JPEG 179.73 KiB image/jpeg
JPEG 2000 5.21 MiB image/jp2
Fedora Relationship Metadata. 661 B application/rdf+xml
XACML Policy Stream 15.76 KiB text/xml