the following manner : The pray- ers of this congregation are defired for the fuccefs of a perfon engaged

in a new undertaking.”

Mr. Hughes, a flock-broker, had his pocket picked in ]onathan’s coEee-houfe, of 5o lottery-tickets, the value of which (at the price then fold) is 80o l. The fame even— ing, three other brokers had their pockets picked of their purfes, one containing 62 guineas, another fe- ven, and the third five. One of the pickpockets has been fince appre- hended, on whom 3; of the tickets were recovered; the other 15 he faid were carried to Holland by his accomplices.

A coloured printof the French king, engraved on copper, was worked oil‘, in his maje1ty’s pre- fence, by M. Gautier, aflifled by one of his fons. The work was completed in fix minutes, and the picture came out finilhed with all its colours.

A court of Aldermen was held at Quildhall, when lool. was Ordered to be paid to the widow of the late worthy alderman Cockayne, as a teftimony of the fenfe they entertained of his ever being ready and willing to ferve his fellow- citizens.

A motion was made in the court of common pleas, for a new trial to {ct afide the verdict given againfl: the furgeons in the Borough, for 5001. damages, for breaking a perfon’s leg, by new fetting it; but upon hearing the merits of the caufe argued, the court over-ruled

the motion, and confirmed the ver- dict, i x 9th This morning No. 3,379,

was drawn a prize of twenty thoufand pounds. It is the pro-

Perry of Mr. Alder, a cooper and


publican, at Abingdon, in Berks. The broker who went from town to carry him the news, he com- plimented with 1001. All the bells in the town were fet a ring- ing; he called in his neighbours,

promifed to afiift this with a capital '

(um, that with another, gave away plenty of liquor, and vowed to lend a poor cobler (his old penny cuiiomer) money to buy leather to flock his Hall f0 full, that he lhould not be able to get into it to work; and laftly, he promifed to buy a new coach for the coach, man who brought him down the ticket, and to give a fet of as good horfes as could he boughtgfor money.

On Wedncfday in the after- noon, the body of a gentleman was found drowned jult ofl-‘Bil- lingfgate, fuppofed to have miffed his way in the fog; he had in his pockets a watch, two guineas, a five - and - threepence, fome filver, and a dollar, and filver buckles in his Shoes.

On V/ednefday evening, as Mr. Coig-needlemaker in Black-friars, was going over to Bridewell, he by the thicknefs of the Rig miffed his way, and fell into the ditch clofe to Black-friars wharf, and was found, fuffocated in the mud.

This day his majelly, at- tended by the duke of An- caltegand the earl of Hunting- don, went in his flare-coach to the houfe of peers, and opened the prelent meeting of parliament with a molt gracious fpeech from the throne.

i A court of common-council was held at Guildhall, when a petition to the hon. houfe of commons, re- lating- to the prefent high price of provifions, was read and agreed,

i [K11 ' We

, 24th,