16a] ANNUAL" REGISTER, 1767.

cefs for Italy will take place towards the fpring, as foon as the public roads [hall be paffable.

A fire broke out next a cabinct-makefls in Hourtdll ditch, which conlumed that houfe, a large liock of timber, new fur- niture, &c. and alfo two other dwel-


sling-ironies adjoining, with many

outhonfes, worklhops, and ware- houles. Among the goods con- firmed was 1,0001. worth of furni- ture, jolt finilhed for Mr. David Barclay, and intended to have been carried home in a few days. remarkable that a fire broke out the fame day at the laid Mr. Barclay’s {tables at Hackney, and deliroyed two fine hunters, with three or four other horfes.

His majeiiy having been, gracioully pleafed to fignify his intention of filling up the va- cant {tall of the principal compa- nion of the molt hon. military order of the Bath, in the room of his late royal highnefs the duke of Cumber- land :

This day


feveral of the olii-

cers of the order attended at St.


The fovereign wearing the rib- bon, with the fymbol of the order pendant to it, Henry Hill, Efq; gentleman ufher, bearing the {car- let rod, and habited in the mantle of the order, and Samuel Horfey, Efq; Bath King of arms, in his mantle, bearing on a cufhion the ribbon, with the badge of the or- der, preceded his royal highnefs prince Frederick, fupported by the earls of Cholrnondley and Breadalbane, the two fenior knights

-of the order, a gentleman ulher,

daily waiter, carrying the (word of

Rate. The {word being delivered


It is'

by the earl of Breadalbane to the" fovereign, his royal highnefs, kneeling, was knighted: then the earl of Cholmondley, having re- ceived the ribbon from Bath king of arms, prefented it t0 the {ove- reign, who put the ribbon over his royal highnefs’s right lhoulder: after which his royal highnefs killed his majelifs hand; and, tiling up, retired.

The ceremony was performed’

after the levee, in his majeltfs clofet, feveral great oflicers of the court being prefent.

His majefty has been graciouily pleaft d, in conlideration of the tender years of his royal highnefa prince Frederick, to grant a dif- penfation under ‘his royal {ign- manual, and feal of the order,‘ de- claring it to be his royal pleafure, that the conferring the degree of knighthood by the fivord of fiate, lhall be fufiicient to invelt his royal highnefs fully and effeftually with this order, in as ample manner as if his royal highnefs had perfonally performed all the accultorned f0- lemnities. [Gazette]

As the hon. Mifs Finch, daughter of lady Charlotte Finch, was fitting in her apartments at St. ]ames’s, a {park from the grate fet ‘ire to her apron, which in an initant burllinto a flame. Her cries having alarmed the fervants, it was happily extin- guilhed jufi time enough to fave her life. -

The frolt was f0 fevere in th welt of England, that a carpenter, at work for Mr. Robbins, of Did- barton in Gloucefierlhire, having

put a key into his mouth, loft the

{kin of his lips by taking it out again. The cold at Hudfon’s Bay, and in Greenland, is f0 fevere at