i i id to be a man of fpirit, a fine figure, and feems to abound in money, which he difiributes with profution to his foldiers. It is added, that the republic of Venice, fearing the confequences of this enterprize, has {ent orders for the immediate march of all the infan- try and other troops from Dalmatia to Cataro, a town of that province, which is not above a mile from Montenero.”

l/Vithin thefe few yearsa fet of people have been dilicovered in Denmark, feized with a dilorder

of mind that is extremely danger-

ous to fociety. This is an ima- -

givation, that, by committing premeditated murder, and being aheriwvards condemned to die for it, they are the better able, by pub- lic marks of repentance and con- verfion, as they go to the fcafiold, to prepare themfelves for death, and work out their own falvaaion. A little while ago, one of thelie wretehes murdered a child out of the fame principle. In order, how- ever, to take from thefe wrztches all hope of obtaining their end, andto extirpate the evil, the king has ilTued an ordinance, by which his majelly forbids the punilhitig them with death ; and enacts, that they {hall be branded in the forc- head with an ho: iron, and wnip- ped; that they tliall afterwards be confined, for the reil of their day's, in an houfe of correctioznin order to be kept ‘there to hard labour; and lafllyg that every year. on the day of their crime, they (hall be whipped anew in public-Ano- ther mark of his Danifh majelly’s paternal goodners to his fubjects has appeared in the encouragement and proteélion extended to the fo- cicty of artilts lately eftablilhed at


Copenhagen, to which he has or- dered a yearly penlion of 10,000 crowns to be ilTued from the royal treafury, to be applied in {apport- ing the neceflitous, and in rewarding thofe who dillinguilh themfelves by their merit.

A pamphlet has lately been pub- lifhed at Paris, in favour of the Jews, in which the author has ihewn the eminent which every nation reaps in its commerce in the encouragement and proteclion of that people. It is written with a view to obtain a religious toleration for that peo- ple; but it is doubted whether the enthufiafm of the country will fuf- fer fuch arguments to have any weight.

The honourable Mr. Montagu, the celebrated traveller, who has lately entertained the learned with his journey to the Written Moun- tains, is now vifiting the Turltilh dominions. He was received with uncommon refpect at Conllantino- ple, after traverfing Salonica, and viewing the iflandsin the Archipe- lago. Much may be expected from the indefatigable refearches of this extraordinary perfonage, of whom the ingenious Mr. Samuel Sharp, in his letters from Italy, gives this account-J‘ One of the molt cu- rious fights amongfl the curiofities of Venice, was the famo-s Mr.

lontagu. He was juil arrived from the Eall. He had travelled through the Holy Land, Egypt, Armenia, Sac. with the Old and New Tellamen: in his hands. He had vifited Mount Sinai, and flat- tered himfelf he had been on the very part of the rock where Moles fpake face to face with God Al- mighty. His beard reached down to his breafl, and the drefs of his head

advantages '