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MISCELLANEQUS ESSAYS. idiliinguilhed by

Ketnenetes, Kenekin, and Ka- raicks, were of the com on fize, painted all over; and that there was ano- ther tribe, which he called Ti- riminen, who were of a gigantic fiature, being to or t2 feet high, and continually at war with the other tribes. 7

‘This ‘boy gave an account of the cloathing and appearance of the inhabitants of this country, very different from thofe already tranfcribed; for he {aid the men wore their hair long, that the wo- llen were fhaved, and that both went naked except a cloak of Pen- guin’s lkins, which reached to their Waili.”

Scbald de Weert, another-Dutch- man, failed to the Streights of Ma- gellan in the year 1598, and in his account are the following par- ticulars. He detached two {loops to an ifland near the mouth of the Streights, to catch Tea-dogs. When thefe {loops came near the lhore, they perceived feven canoes, with {avages on board, that were ten or eleven feet high, of a reddilh colour, and with long hair. They are- farther defcribed as being na- ked, except one who had a fea- dog’s (kin about his fhoulders; and it is remarkable that de Weert was

on this coall in May, which is-

there a winter month.

In the account given of the voyage of George Spilbergen, we are told that on the coall: of Terra del Fuego, which is to the louth of Magellan’s $t_reights, his pto- ple faw a man of a gigantic lla- ture, climbing the hills to take a view of the fleet, but, though they

"lent on lhore, they {aw no other


the names of human inhabitant; theyfaw,how-

ever, feveral graves containing bo- dies of the ordinary fize, or ra- ther below it; and the favages they faw from time to time in ca- noes, appeared to be under fix feet high.

In the hillory of the voyage of Capt. Cowley, an Englifhman, which was undertaken in 1683, we have an account of g'iants in- deed, but in a country very diliant; from Patagonia. In lat. 13 deg. 3o min. north, and about 143 call: longitude, lies the ifland of Guam, it is one of the Ladrone Illands, and was then in the pof- fellion of the Spaniards, who had a governor and garrifon there. The Indian inhabitants of this illand, Cowley fays, were all well made, active, vigorous, and lbme of them feven feet and an half high. Capt. Cowley took, as he fays, four of thefe infidels prifo- ners, which to be fure, being him. {elf a good chrifiian, he had a right to do; and it appeared by the fequel of the account, that he treated them as other good chrif- tians had treated infidels, which firength or cunning had put into their power. We brought them on board, fays he, tying their hands behind them, but they had not been long there before three of them leap: overboard into the fez, fwimming away from the (hip with their hands bound behind them; we fent a boat after them, and found that a firong man at the

firli blow could not penetrate theirv

lkins with a cutlafs. One of them had received, in my judgment, forty {hots in his body before he died, and the lali 0F the three that was killed had fwam a good En-