At these words nothing is heard but exclamations of joy and the clapping of hands. He is convicted by his own words; he is caught m his own trap,” cried the crowd.

MR. CnrmQUY-Yes, my friends, he is taken at. his own words, and as you say, "caught in his own trap; he is forced to have re- course to the testimony of the early Christians, that is to the Tradi- tion of the Church, to prove the very first of Gospel truths, the existence of the Gospel itself. He is, therefore, forced to admit that he deceived you just now, when he told you everything was to be-found written in the Bible. and that anything that could not be proved by some text ought to be reiected.

MR. RovssY-I am not caught. It is you, Mr. Chiniquy, who have been caught in your own trap ; it is you who are convicted, for yolu are not able t0 show us what the Church is, and what authority it ias.

MR. CHINlQLYY——Sil1C6 Mr. Roussy does not know what the Church is, I shall have the pleasure of telling him. The early Chris- tians being divided on certain practices, followed the advice of Our Lord, and appealed to the Church of their day, and this is what took place :—(Acts xv. 6) “And the Apostles and ancients came together to consider of this matter. And when there was much disputing, Peter rising up said to them : My brethren, you know that in former days God made choice among us, that the Gentiles, by any vnouth, should hear the word of the Gospel, and believe.” After Peter, Barnabas and Paul were heard. Then James speaks in his turn ; but it was only to confirm what Peter had said. Finally, the deliberation being finished, they wrote these solemn words : For it hath seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us.” to decide in such a manner the question that you have raised.”

There, Mr. Roussy, that is what the Church is. That is how she spoke 1900 years ago, and that is how she speaks still, and how she will speak to the end of time ; for she can never perish, seeing that Jesus Christ has said: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against her.” It is this infallible Church which tells me, a Catholic, as she told it 1900 years ago: St. Mark and St. Luke were inspired by God to write their Gospels,” and l am certain she speaks the truth, for it is the Holy Ghost who enlightens her. This Church, according to St. Paul (1 Timothy iii. 15), Is the pillar um! ground of the truth.” This Church, outside ol which there is nothing but falsehood and error, has been called Catholic by the Apostles, and no other church can ever bear this grand name. This Catholic Church, to which I have the happiness to belong, is also called Apostolic, be: cause it is united with the Apostles by an unbroken chain of priests, bishops and Popes, who obtain their power, by incontestable titles, from them. This Catholic and Apostolic Church _is also called Roman, because it was at Rome that its Founder amongst men, (St. Peter) shed his blood and because it was there he deposited for his successors the keys ofHeaven, which neither demons nor heretics nor infidels can deprive her of. “Thou art Peter and on this Rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Mat. xvi. 1c, w.)

When I, a Catholic, takethe Bible in my hands, I am ascertain that it is the word of (led as I am certain that there _is a God in