just said, is nothing but the truth ; your Bible is false and deceptive to an absurd degree. It is a falsified Bible, and I am about to prove it_at once.

Addressing then a respectable farmer, named Gauthier : Sir, by whom was the Bible I hold in my hand given to you ?

Mn. GAUTHIER.—'I‘h-at Bible was given t0 me by a person who had it from Mr. Roussy.

MR. CHINIQUxZ-Very well, Mr. Chairman, you are going tojudge what should be thought of Protestant Bibles. The Bible that Mr. Roussy holds, says :—-“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for reproof, for correction, for instruction in right- eousness.” But the Bible which I hold and which also comes from Mr. Roussy, does not contain this absurdity, for I read in it, all scripture, divinely inspired, is profitable to teach, to correct, to instruct in justice.”

Mr. RoUssY (rising in a hurry)——'l‘lie two sentences are the same.

MR. CHINIoUY-No, sir, these two sentences are not the same. ls it the same thing, Mr. Chairman, and all you gentlemen who hear me; all of you reply; is it the same thing to say, All scripture is given by inspiration of God ”—-and to say——“ All oeripture divinely inspired is profitable to tea-ch,” etc.?

From all sides of the hall a unanimous cry isjhearrl : No, these two sentences are not the same.”

MR. CHIXIQUY—YOII are right, my friends; the first of these sentences is an absurdity, and it is only a Bible coming from the hands 0f Satan himself, which could say, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God.” This sentence is infernal in character. No, no, all writing is not inspired by God. There are many writings, there are thousands of books inspired by the Devil.

Besides, here are two Bibles, both from the hands of Mr. Roussy.

. If the one which says " All scripture is given by inspiration of God”

is correct, that which says All scripture divinely inspired is profit- able to teach is incorrect.

The latter is copied from the authorized Catholic Bible, and if the Methodists, in copying it, have added nothing to the true Bible, they have taken something from the Bible which Mr. Roussy has be- fore him. This is as clear as sunlight ; either they have added to this one the words “divinely inspired,” or they have taken them from the other; and as both these Bibles are printed and circulated by Methodists, for, though one claims to be a copy of the Catholic Bible, hoth I come from their hands ; therefore, according to Mr. Roussy’s words, they are cursed by Heaven for having added to or taken from the word of God.

MR. RoussY (taking up excitedly his cap and coat, and wishing to leave, says)—l don’t care to argue any longer with a man who dares to tell me that my Bible is falsified.

Mn. CHINIQU\'.—I am not satisfied with telling you so, sir, but I prove it. Here are two Bibles, both conning from you-one speaks in one manner, the other in another. Consequently, one or them must he falsified, and you are consequently publicly convicted of having circulated a falsified Bible.

But enough on this question of the Bible and of tradition; I have confounded you by your own words on these questions. Let us