came to the fair; they killed leve- ral of the itihabitants, tiilla-tjeti the totvn, and then reduced it to allies. The new Balha ltaving arrived at Choczitn, was waited. upon by Count Braniclci, who Sept 8' made a COmDliliilT of the violences committed at Zttztnit-c, and demanded reliittition. This was in part granted, the eliecls that were llolen upon that occalion being re- ilored; and feveral of the Turks, who had committed the outrage, thrown into irons. In refpeét t0 other matters, the Balha exprelfed in general terms a delire to pre, ferve a good underfianding with the Republic of Poland; but (aid, that as he did not chufe to interfere in the difputes that dillraéled that country, he would not turn out of the Turkilh territories the confe~ derates who have fled there for pro- teftion. It was at the fame time ob- ferved, that he received the Chiefs of the confederacy of the Bar with great dillitiétion.

Several large detachments ofR uf- lians troops had been fent to Lithua- nia, where the defigns of the confe- derates were f0 ill-formed, and f0 miferably fupported, that it would appear as if they had confederated from no other motive, than to ruin the country, and to deflroy them- felves. The firfi divifion ofRullian troops defeated and dif- perfed a large body of thefe confederates with great eafe, between Xuren and Vilcomiers, where they killed about two hundred of them, and took as many PFllbIYCIS. The confederacies of Kowno and Wilkomierz, which were the firlt that were formed, and who fet the example to the relt, broke up of themfelves without receiving a blow; and their Chiefs, after returningfome

Sept. 14.



pfiftmers the lint} htkén from {I13 Rullitixi, tcfwt‘. rift».- Br tntl-Jttbtlrgll Prutiir: ' t ;. fhratfi‘: Pra- zatt, i- ._ >4l "rccelisliul, (hen/ed more rig, "1 . p; d had a very tharp t-ncotmter wait the Ruliians, in which they were Iiowcvcr defeated, with the lot"; of a great number of men, eight pieces of cannon, and all their baggage. y The tonfederates of Ocfzrnania were llill confidtrable, when they formed one ofthofe lirange defigns,’ which may excite curiofity, but can never be accounted for, and in ptirq luance of which they were taken like wild bcalls in a toil, and their con- federacy annihilated in a moment. The fcherne laid, was either to fur- prize or force Prince Radzivil, who was guarded in his fortified capital by a body of his own forces, equal or fuperior to theirs; and was pro- tefiled by a confiderable body of Rullians under General lfmaelow, who were polled within tno leagues of him. To execute this defign, above three thoufand of O the confederates marched a‘ ‘S’ to Niefwifz, the Prince’s refidence, and peremptorily demanded, that he lhould either enter into their confe- deracy, or deliver up his troops,ar- tillery, and ammunition. The Prince abfolutely refufed to comply with any of thefe demands, and the del bate continued f0 long, that while they invelled the town, they were f0 elfeélually furrounded by the Rullians, that not a man of them could efcape. ln this fituation they offered to renounce the con- fedcracy, on having liberty to retire; but this being refufed by the Rufiian General, they applied to Prince Radzivil to interctde in their favour. The Prince accordingly difpatched a courier to Warfaw, with