and yet, for want of properly fill- Pfldfir the Mme 0F Ramp-mailers ing the lacks, five bulhels of coals 1n the year I755; and it is now

were left behind. Afterafull hear- fearedthat a let of gentry, called ing, the jury, without going out of commniioners (I do not mean thofe

court, gave the plaintifF a verdi€t for tool. by which he is intitled to double colts of fuit.

An earthquake was felt at Vi- enna, which threw the city into great confternation. It was more violent in the neighbourhood.

In the night between the 7th and 8th inltant, all the jefuits in the territories of Parma were ex- pelled at the fame hour, without any difturbance. The old hofpi- tal of St. Lazarus, near that city, was the place where they were brought together, except one party which took another road, but fell in with the reit in their way to Bo- logna, which was appointed for their general rendezvous. A ma- gillrate was deputed to go to each of the houfes belonging to the je- fuits, to iigniFy-the lnfant’s com- mands; and the next morning a pragmatic fanetion was illued, de- claring the profcription of the or- der. At the fame time an ordi- nance was iflued concerning the public places of learning, wherein new profelTors are appointed to fuc- ceed in fuch departments as were occupiefl by the jefuits.

Extraft of a letter from N. York.

His excellency Sir Henry Moor, our governor, has publiihed a proclamation, offering a reward 0f 50]. to any pcrlon, and a pardon to any accomplice, who lhall dif- cover the author of the following [editions paper, fundry of which

_have lately been fecretly difperfed

in this city; viz.

Whereas a glorious [land for liberty did appear in the refent- ment fliewn to a fet of mifcreants

lately arrived at Bolton), whole odious bufinefs is ofa fimilar n3- turc, may foon make their appear- ance amonglt us, in order to exe- cute their deteltable oflice: it is therefore hoped every votary of that celeltial goddefs liberty will hold themfelves in readinefs to give them a proper welcome: roufe, my countrymen, roufe l

Pro Patria.”

About Four in the after- noon, a fellow went into the London aliiurance ofiice in Birchin- lane, where there was only one clerk telling up his calh ; the man allted him if the ofiice hours were over; the clerk (aid, No, not till five; upon which the villain pulled out a pillol, knocked the clerk down with the butt end of it, and carried ofl‘ near 25o guineas.

A letter from Bologna, dated ]an. 5, iays, The whole number of jefuits expelled from Naples is 1,500. The departure of thofe from Sicily was fufpended a fhort time, on account or the fenate hav. ing {upplicated the Ping to permit fuch among them as were natives of that ifland to pafs the remainder of their days there; but his majelty did not think proper to grant their requePt.”

Letters from Rome, dated Jan. 2, fay, We are informed that the king of Sardinia hath expreiied to the Portuguefe miniller the elleem and refpeet which he entertains for his molt faithful majell: ; but that he cannot, however, confent to the dillributing in his ltates the new work againlt the jefuits, printed lately at Lilbon.”

[F] z Tl"