atquitted. The trial began aboat feven o’clock in the morning, and continued till near three o’clock the next morning.

Extract ofa letter from Dublin.

His Majefiy hath been pleafed to ive directions, that three more pac ‘ct-boats lhall be added to the th/ree now in ufe between Holyhead and Dublin; by whizh means we {hall have {ix/mails every week from

England, and the fame number

will be lent from hence to Wales.”

They write from Drefden, that on the 27th ult. a flight lhocl; of an earthquake was felt at Bif- Chofiswerder, on the confines of Lufatia, and in the neighbourhood of Freyberg; likewife on the day above-mentioned feveral new open- ings and large rents were difcovered towards the declivities and about the feet of thofe mountains, with- out however any previous fenlible motion ofthe earth.

And from Vienna they give the following account: the earthquake which we had here on the 27th of lalt month, was not {o (enfibly felt at Prelburg as in this city; but as it was much lironger at Newiladt, about three polls from hence, in the road to Italy, it is imagined it came to us from that part of the world. There is fcarce a houfe at Newfladt that has not futliered more or leis; and the royal military academy there has been f0 much damaged, that it is computed the repairs will amount to 30,000 florins at lealt. There is no account of any lives having been loft.

Extract of a letter from the Hague.

The inhabitants of the village of Petten upon this coall, not far from Tfixel, having been guilty of great txseffea with regard to the


crew and lading of the {hip E11- zabeth Dorothea, belonging to the Dutch Eaft India company, and which was call awzry orl“ that place in the end of November lall, a gran; number of them were apprehended; and this morning twenty-three of them were put upon the fcaflicrld here, nine of whom were whipped, and the whole band are to be ba- niihed. by fentence of the court of Holland.

His ferene highnefs the prince 0F Weilhourg and his children are perfectly recovered of the finall- pox, under the care of {he Englilh inoculators, who have been called to ‘Rotterdam by feveral of the principal inhabitants.

This morning SirWil- 8 h liam Beauchamp Proclor 2 l and Mr. \Vilkes, two of the candi- dates for the county of Middlefex, let out for BrentforcLwvhere the election came on that morning for knights o.‘ the {hire for the laid county. Mr. Cooke, the other candidate, was confined with the gout. Mr. Wilkes went’ in a coach drawn by fix long-tailed horfes, and was attended by an amazing number of people to the place of election, which was held in the middle of Brentford Butts, a temporary booth being erected there Tor that purpofe. The ma. jority of hands appeared in thvour of Sir XViIliam Beauchamp Proctor and Mr. Wilkes, who were accord- ingly returned; but a poll being demanded in behalf of Mr. Cooke, the fame came on immediately; and at five in the afternoon Mr. Wilkes had polled fix to one more than that gentleman. At nine o’clock the poll finally clofed, when the numbers llood thus: