bers conliderably increafed; and then they repaired, with a flag fly- ing, drums beating, and two v10-

lins playing before them,to Palace- .

yard, vthere they were met by Sir John t Fielding, who perfuaded them t0 part with their flag, to filence their drums, and to dif- charge their fidlers; and then talking with their leaders, prevail- ed upon them to meet fome of their matters at his ol-lice in the after- noon, and accommodate their dif- ferences.

The drying-pan, which weighed near !,6oolb. weight, belonging to Ewell powder-mills, was, by an ex- plofion, carried upwards of too yards from the mills; the boughs and branches of large trees, a mile dillant fr m the mills, were torn 0E, f0 that fome trees were left mere trunks: the damage fultained is computed at upwards of 8,0001 .

This day the two houfes met again; and the com- mons, having re-chofe fir john Cult for their fpeaker, prefented him to the lords commifiioners for their approbation, who were pleated in his_ majefly’s name to approve their choice; after which the lord chan- cellor opened the fellion with a fpeech, which, together with the acldrelfes, our readers will fee in the {late papers.

The bill for an augmentation of the army in Ireland, was rejected by the houfe of commons in that kingdom.

Upon the report of the committee of enquiry into the application of the money granted for the payment of the army, it appeared, that t7 regiments are»; now kept upon the Irilh ellablilltment more than in I700; though the number of effec-

twe men at each period are exaflly



the fame. It is laid that lei/era! military ofhcers voted againli the intended augmentation. i

Mr. Cullen, a matter butcher in Ormond-marltet, was meal harbi- roufly murdered by a-fet oftillnfins in Smock-alley", Dublin; Mr. ‘Ru-i’. ton, another butcher in the [ante market, was llabbt-d and molt drew‘.- fully wounded by the fame alliafiins. In confequence of thefe murders, the populace ailiembled, and com- mitted the molt violent otttragcs ever known in that kingdom; in- fomuch that the infurrecition, which at firPt feemed to threaten deliruc- tion to the murderers and their

abettors, became formidable to the a

Whole City.

This morning james Sampfon was executed at "lfyburn, purlnant to his lentence, for robbing the library of the right honourable Henry Seymour Conway, of bank notes to the value of 9c0l. and afterwards letting it on fire, by piling up a number 0F papers round a lighted candle, which he placed on a table near the chimney.

An inquilition was taken by the coroner for Surrey, on the_body of William Allen, who was {hot near St. George’s fields, by a party of the foot guards; when the verdifit was given by the jury, that Donald Maclane was guilty of wilful mur- der, and Donald Nlaclaury", and Alexander Murray, the command- ing oflicer, were aiding and abetting therein.

The above inquclt was held at the houfe of Mr. Allen; and it appeared on the examination, that the deceafed was only a (peélrttor, and, on lieeing fome perlons run, he ran alfo, but was unhuppily mif- taken, and followed hy_the lol- diers 50o yard-s into a cow-houfe,

[H] 3 where