where he was (hot. Donald Mac- lane was committed to prifon for the above murder, but his aflociates were admitted to bail.

A proclamation was iffued, by order of the council, for fupprelling riots, tumults, and unlawful alfem- blies.

The following v/arrant is iffued by the coroner for the apprehenfion of Alexander Murray, efq. one of the commanding otiicers of the fol- diers polled at the King’s bench, during the late riots :

- , To the conltables of SUt§£i?\’%the parilh of Saint " Mary Newington, in the faid county; and to all oliicers of peace whom it lhall or may concern.

WHEREAS Alexander Mur- ray, efq. of the third regiment of foot guards, ftands accufed before me, upon an inquilition this day taken at the parifh of St. Mary Newington, in the faid county, with the wilful murder of William Allen the younger:

Thefe are therefore, in his Ma- jefiy’s name, to apprehend and bring before me, or fome of his Majelty’s jultices of the peace for the faid county, the body of the {aid Alexander Murray, to anfwer the premifes, and be further dealt with according to law; and for f0 doing, this ihall be your fuflicient Warrant.

Given under my hand and feal this nth day of May, in the year ofour lord 1768.

HENRY ACTON, coroner.

One of the foldiers on Tuefday before the King's-bench cried out, " We are all ready to fire on our enemies the French and Spaniards,


but never will on our own country- men.”

Lalt night the mob affembled again before the Manfion-houfe, broke a great number of the win- dows, and did other mifchief; a. flrong party of the guards was then fent for, and polled in and about the Manfion-houfe to protect it from further infult.

The following is a copy ofa let- ter directed to john Durand, efq. and the fame to Anthony Bacon, efq. figned by 34, of the elefiors of Aylelbury.


Fully perfuaded that the clemen- cy of the belt of princes will, if ncceffary, be at length exerted in favour cf Mr. Wilkes, we hope, that, fhould an attempt be made to deprive him of his feat in parlia- ment, you will, from your con- nexion with us, who are fincere in our friendlhip for him, prefer le- nity, and, from regard to the public, jultice to his conltituents, before rigour and feverity, and ufe your utmolt endeavours to prevent the fuccefs of fuch a meafure.

Aylelbury, We are, SIR, April 3o, Your molt 1768. humble fervants, &c. 8:0. 8cc.

The mob afTembled before the houfe of Edward Ruffell, efq. dif- tiller in the Borough, broke open the doors, Ptaved fome cafks of li- quor, drank immoderately, and began pulling down the houfe; but the military interpofing, four of the drunkeli of them were feiza ed, and the refl made their ef- cape. At the fame time the front of the houfe of Richard Capel, efq. in Bermondfey, was demolilhed,

and Mr. Capel himfelf wounded. The