The fire was happily extinguilhed at ten o‘clock at night. Ten per- fons were found dead at the market- place, many more were wounded, twelve were grievoully burnt, and much cattle perilhed in the waters, into which they ran with irreliilible precipitation. A man on horfeback, pafling by the magazine, was blown up into the air, and could not after- wards be found. His horfe only was difcovered dead 20o paces from the magazine.

Letters from Naples aflhre, that

_ the extraordinary expences occa-

fioned by his Sicilian majelly’s marriage, through a truly paternal tendernefs for the people, will not be levied upon the Rate, but de- frayed out of thefavings of the fpare-chell.

At Laval, in France, on the 8th inPt. the weather being warm and calm, and the night dark, alumi- nous liar appeared to the north-welt of that town, with a long tail fome- what crooked, which terminated to- wards the north. Next morning, at fix o’clock, the fun breaking thro’ the clouds, {hone out as h_ot as in the dog-days. At eight it began to lighten, and from 1 t minutes to 2o, !the lky appeared of a fea- green colour, and fo dark that one could fcarce fee to read. The thunder was loud and dreadful; and there fell f0 great a quantity of hail, and offo large a iize, that it did infinite damage to the fruits of the earth, and even defiroyed trees and killed cattlea In fome places "the hail was found three or four feet deep, a4 hours afterit fell; and many of the hail-itones were nearly as large as a hen’s egg. The damage done by this itorm is almolt incredible: fe- veral mills were carried away by the violence of the flOods, the gardens


are totally dellrovetl, and whsn the hail melted, it carried orf ev ‘n the furface of the ground, and left inch. a fmell as even the very beafls them- felves could not bear. 1:1 iliort, no- thing like it erer happened befcre in this part ofthe world.

A fire broke out at Lari. fperg in Germany, which in _ three hours burnt clown 25; houfes.

An odd wedding was celebrated lall week in a village in Berklhire: the bridegroom was 8; years of age, the bride 8;, the rather 9t, and the two women who officiated as bride-maids each above 7o; nei- ther of thefe women had been ever married, though both of them had been ntozhers. Six grancLdaugh- ters of the bridegroom iirewed flow- ers before the company in their way to and from church, and after din- ner four grandfons ofthe bride fung a kind ofepithalamium, which the clerk of the parifh had written on the occafion. _

They write from Dublin, that there is now living, near Crumlin, one john Ryder, a Palatine, aged about 12o; he ierved under the duke of Wittemberg. when ‘fienna. was befieged by the Turks in r683, and retains all his fenfes. Bene- faétions are collcéted in that city for his fupport.

Died] Thurfday, at his houfe Jermyn-llreet, count Deiiniky, a Polilh gentleman, _

In Old-ltreet, in the 106th year of his age, Solomon Humphries, formerly a gardener, bat, having been blind upwards of ten years, was fupported by the benevolence of the public.

In Ireland, a few days ago. neat Drumcondra,‘ Either Duggan, aged n9.

At his houfe near Rieggte, Mr.