that at the eonclufion of the treaty the commiflioners delivered confi- derable prefents of goods to the feveral tribes, on behalf of the pro- vince of Pennfylvania; to which Mr. Croghan made an addition on the part of the crown. The whole ended to the entire fatisfaétion of all the Indians, who parted with the commifiioners in {'0 friendly a difpolition, as promifes the faireit profpefi ofa lalling peace,

One of the Paris news-papers gives an account of an extraordi- nary cure effected by the gall of a barbel, in a cafe of blindnefs, in {ubltance as follows: A journey-

cefs. In lhort, {he recovered her fight without any other remedy. The widow Germain is in her fifty-thirty year. She had been pronounced blind by the iurgeOHS of the Hotel Dieu; and her blind- nefs and cure have been attelted by order of the lieutenant general of police; {he fees {tronger and clearer now than before the acci- dent. The gall of the barbel has fince been put on the eyes of a dog and a cat; they appeared imme- diately to feel acute pain, and their eyes were inflamed {or three days ; but afterwards returned to their natural fiate. B.'5/z'at/2€gue dz:

man watchmaker, named Cenfier, fiienccs.

having heard that the gall of a bar-

bel was the remedy which Tobias Mary, Captain Campbell,

‘employed to cure his father's blindnefs, relblved to try its efieecits on the widow Germain, his mother- in-law, whofe eyes had for fix months been afllicled with ulcers, and covered with a film, which tendered her totally blind: Cen- fier, having obtained the gall of that fifh, fqueezed the liquor out of it into a vial, and in the evening he rubbed it with the end of a fea- ther into his mother’s eyes. It gave her great pain for about half an hour, which abated by degrees, and her eyes watered very much: next morning {he could“ not open them, the water, as it were, gluing her eyes up; he bathed them with pure water, and {he began to fee with the eye which had received the_mo{t liquor. He ufed the gall again in the evening: the inflam- mation difperfed, the white of her eyes became red, their colour re- turned by degrees, and her light became ftrong. ' He repeated it a third time, with all the defired {uc-

His majelly°s yatcht the 28th. failed on Tuefday morning from Deptford for Calais, to bring over the prince of Travendahl to Eng- land: {he is to be at Calais by the 3d of next month, and it is expected the prince will embark the next day,

Amongll the late rejoicings at Naples, the public were entertain-. ed with the reprefentation of a fortrefs, whole ramparts were formed of combultibles, and ex- hibited the molt curious fire- works; inany living animals were {hut up in it; and the fofles, full of water, contained a great quan- tity of live filh. After having been Teen by their majeliics, and their royal highnelTes, &c. and ex- pofed to public view for {iome time, the whole was abandoned to the populace.

Letters from Rome advife, that the Pope had jult iflhed a brief, declaring void the election which

the chapter of Utrecht lately tirade ofa new archbilhop. __ [Kl 4 Eh: