His excellency the Ruffian am-

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grand duke, held one

bafiador has engaged Dr. Dimfdale, of the firlt polls in that empire.

phyfician at Hertford, to go over and inoculate the emprefs and the great duke.

They write from Paris, that the fieur Somme, a gold-fmith of that city, was fentenced to be hanged by the court of afielfors, as being Convicted of having in his poffef- fion two falfe marks fordtamp- ing gold and filver, imitating the mark of the allay-mailer of the farmers-general, and throwing them down the necefiary of his houfe when the proper perfons were fent to feize them. An appeal from this fentence being carried to the court of aides, counfellor Dani- grant took upon him the defence of the fieur Somme, and drew up a memorial, wherein he pointed out the contradictions of the wit- neffes againft him, witneffes un- worthy of the leail credit, fpies of the police, wretches who fought the ruin of an honefi citizen; and further, re-called to mind the horrors which have been 1b often occafioned by the perfons employ- ed by the farmers-general, in lodg- ing falt, tobacco, and other con- traband merchandizes, in private houfes where they wanted to prove a trefpafs. In a word, this affair, which has been depending 8V8!‘ iince the year i763, being now brought t0 a true point of view, the court 0f aides have jufi ifllied an arret, annulling the fentence of the court of alfeffors, difcharging the fieur Somme from the accufa- tion, and condemning the farmers- general in 6000 livres damages, befides all colts.

Letters from R0158 bring 3d- vice of the difgrace of the count

dc Panin, who, befidcs being go-

jullice Wilmot,

On the 17th of lafi May came on to be tried, before lord chief in the court of common-pleagwefiminller, a caufe, wherein it appeared that the plain- tiff had become furety for the two defendants debts, previous to an act ofbankruptcy, for which the defendants had undertaken to in- demnify him; but having, fince that undertaking become bank- rupts, and obtained their certifi- cate, the defendants then refufed to do it: but, as all the damages fullained by the plaintiff were fub- fequent to the defendants’ act of bankruptcy, he brought the prefent atftion to recover a iatisfaélion for the fame; and though the defend- ants pleaded their certificate in bar to this aftion, yet the jury found a verdiét for the plaintiff, and gave him 3081. 10s. damages: but his lordfhip having fome doubts of the law in point, directed a fpecial cafe to be made, and figned by the coun- felon both tides, for the opinion of the court the following term; which being complied with, the cafe came on, and was learnedly argued the loth day ofjtxne laft, by counfel on both fides; when the court, after taking feveral days to confider of the fame, were pleafed to deliver their opinions in favour ofthe plain- tiff, and unanimouily affirmed the verdict found by the jury.

Hague, july 21. This day the prince of Travendahl went from hence on board a yacht to Rotter- dam, where he was to dine with the burgomalter De Groot. From thence he will go by Antwerp to Bruffels, where the palace of the Prince dc la Tour and Taxis is prepared for his reception.