154.] ANNUAL REGISTER, 1768.

he could not treat his majelly’s chief miniliers of juliice with too much refpect.

At Chelmsford allizes, eight were capitally convicted; four of whom were reprieved.

Seventeen fpecial jury caufes were tried, nine of which were ac- tions brought upon the fiatute

- of bribery and corruption by the partizans of Mr. Fordyce, againll:

thofe of Meffrs. Grey and Rebow, at the Colchelier election, and fix quo warranto caufes upon the fame account, of which Mr. For~ dyce’s party gained only five, viz. one for bribery, and- four upon the quo warranto’s.

At Guildford afiizes, eight were capitally convicted; five ofwhom were reprieved.

At Maidlione afiizes, none were capitally convicted.

Mr. Powell, malier of the Gran- by-head, at Dartford, was tried» on fufpicion of robbing a poii-i- chaife driver on Shootefis-hill, in the night of the 3d of June lali, of a. filver watch, and a few lhil- lings; when Mr. PowelPs tvit- nelTes proving a plain alibi, he xvas honourably acquitted, and the jury granted him a copy of his in- dictment: the accomplice to the perfon who really committed the robbery is now in cufiody.

At Oxford alhzes, none were ca- pitally convicted.

Ellher, the wife ofWilliam Ward, charged upon her own confeilion with murdering her daughter, was acquitted of the murder, {he ap- pearing infane.

At Winchefier afiizes, [even were capitally convicted.

James Williams, for killing and robbing Samuel Lewis, on the highway, to be hanged in chains at Portfea,

At the afiizes for Wilts, at War. minfier, none were capitally con- victed.

At Gloucelter ailizes, fivewere capitally convicted; but were all: reprieved.

At this allize, the caufe depend- ing between the dean and chap- ter, and Mr. Pitt, was decided- in favour of the latter. This is the fecond wrdici obtained by Mr. Pitt againfi: the dean and chap- ter.

At Worcefier ailizes, three were _

capitally convicted; but were all reprieved. -

At Salilbury affizes, three were capitally convicted; of whom two were reprieved.

At Bridgewater afiizes, one was capitally convicted; a caufe camp on to be tried, brought by Mr. Carpenter, of Beckington in So- merfetlhire, in order to recover of the inhabitants of the hundred of Frome, the damages he fuitained by the rioters damaging a dwel- ling houle and flour-mills of his, for which he obtained aver- dict.

At Hereford aflizes, two were ca- pitally convi-Fted.

At Monmouth alhzesflone was capitally convicted.

At Exeter ziiiizes, two were ca- pitally convicted,

Pit Bodmyn aifizes, none were ca- pitally convicted.

At Cowbridge, in South Vfales, a man convicted of ltcaling coals, was ordered for tranfportation. After fentence was palled, the prifoner told the court, that it- was a malicious prolecution; but that he thought he was even with the profecutor, having been inti- mate with his ivife for above two,

years path At