The tide-board of plate made ufe ty’s prifon of the Fleet, by which of for his Daniih majefiy’s table, is ten apartments were entirely de- the original plate of king Henry the liroyed, 1n WhICh near 4o perfons eighth, being always depolited in were lodged, moli of whom loll: the jewel oflice in the tower, and their all; tome were greatly hurt, never made ufe of (fuch occalion as and ‘one gentleman is in danger of

this being excepted) but at a coro-

nation. A riot began in the lVIat-lhalfea

prifon, ozcalioned, as it is faid, by the partiality of the prifon- ers in favour of the turnkey. The deputy-keeper, piqued at this preference, had arrefied the turn- key for a fmall debt; and in re- turn, the prilbners had broke the deputy-keeper's windows. This happened on the Friday. But next night the two fons of the deputy- keeper, having furnilhed them- {elves with fire-arms in the ab- liznce of their Father, renewed the frav. and wounded eight of the prilbners, one of whom received a (hot in the belly, which it is thought will prove mortal. Three ofythe principal actors in this tra- gedy have fince been committed to the county gaol.

The Spital-fields weavers rofe in a body, and forcibly entered the houfe of Nathaniel Farr, in Pratths alley, and cut to pieces and dcliroyed the filk work manufaflory in two different looms there; and afterwards forcibly en- tered the houfe of Elizabeth Pratt,


in the fame alley, and murdered jelly and her g

one Edward Fitchett, a lad of about feventeen, by lhooting him through his head with a piliol loaded with flugs. A reward is olFered for ap- prehending the rioters, and his ma- jeliy’s pardon to him who difcovers the murderer.

The foundation of a large flack of chimnies gave way in the cen- tre of the buildings of his majcf-

his life. The prilbn has been lincg vilited by the furveyor from the treafury, and aliiliance promifed the fulferers. The whole building is in a ruinous condition. "

They write from Rome. of the moth of July, that, according to letters from Modena, the duke is making preparations for war; and it is thought that he has a delign to feize upon the dutchy of Ferrara, though the court of Rome has been in polTefiion of it for half a century pali, which poffeflion has been con- firmed by dKrYerent treaties. On the other hand, the prince pretends to have a right to it, as it was for- merly the property of the houfe of Eli, from which his highnefs is de- fcendcd.

Rome, July 16. The princefs Doria Pamphili was delivered the day before yelierdrly of a prince, to whom the emperor is to fiand fponfor. The prince went yeller- day to the %irirtal, to fignify this event to the pope; and couriers have been alfo difpatched to the courts of Vienna, Madrid, Tllfin, and Naples.

Thurlday night, his Danilh ma- race the duchefs of Ancalier opened the ball at the all fembly in the Haymarket.

His Danilll majelty has {ent 3 prefent of ten guineas to the ver- gers of St. Paul's, by the hands of Francis Crofby, efq.

Thurfday arrived in town from Poland, the prince and princefs Czartorinfki, and alfo the emprcfs

of Rama's ambalfador. [L] s =s<l~