from under the fmoke, " out of the ground,” (as {he thought) which twilited the fmoke 11p t0 fome height, and went of? violently to the houle and barns at Bedford’s. She foon law the thatch of the largefi barn twillt-d up into the air, and concluded the houfe and out-houies were deflroy- ed-Mrs. Burton, who lives at Bedlord’s, was at the fame time fitting in the kitchen, and ob- ferving the houfe and floor lhake violently, and all the pewter tum- ble of} the fhelves, imagined the houfe was falling; her hufband, who had laid himfelf down upon a bed, was awaked from his llrep by the terrible {halting or" the houfe and bed. The wind entire— 1y llript the thatch from the {outh- fide of the largefi barn, deliroyed part of the cow-houfe, jult touched the ridge of another barn, and went of? due North. At about 30o yards from the houle it palTed between two large oak trees, whofe arms nearly met, and twiiling off their inner arms and branches, carried fome of them acrofs an adjoining meadow. Thefe trees plainly difcovered the breadth of the column of air, which was about 21 yards. At the difiance of 200 yards farther, it met with fome tall elms, and tore of? many of their branches; but its force feem- ed to be confiderably abated there. Some of the thatch was carried almoft to Plefhy, which is about

two meafured miles from the barn.” Friburg in Brifgau, July 3o,

We have received the melancholy news that the famous abbey of Saint Blaife, belonging to the Be- nedielines, fituate in the black forefi, nine leagues from hence,


and was burnt down the 24th inliaant,

together with the church, caftle, and other buildings belonging to it. This fine building has not bten erected above 3o years; and, from fome circumltances, it is tun- poled to have been {et on fire by incendiaries.

The royal hofpital of Green- wich, in Jamaica, fuddenly took fire on the 12th of lafi month, fuppofed by lightning, and in 3. few hours was reduced to a heap of ruins, bafliing the utmol’: et-Torts of his majelly’s learnen, encouraged by the prefence of the admiral, to

fave it.

Extract of a letter from Corte, July 2 .

On the 211i of this month an Englilh frigate arrived in the har- bour ofifle Rouge: {he came from Portfmcuth, and made the voyage in 2o days. As foon as {he calt anchor, the captain and two other oflicers landed, and without fiop- ping a moment, repaired to gene, ral Paoli. It is thought that they are charged with fome very impor- tant comrniflion. As foon as the French knew of the arrival of this ihip, they fent a xebeque to enquire what errand {he was come upon; but we do not yet know what an-. fwer they received.”

A letter from Peterfburgh, dated July 29, fays, the emprefs is going to ereét an equefirian fiatue in honour of the emperor Peter the Great. to have the direction of it; and all architects and other intelligent per- fons are invited, with a promife of rewards proportioned to their me- rit, to give the academy their ad- vice with regard to decorations, in-. fcriptions, &c. applicable to the fubjefi.”


The fieur Betzki is.