that his royal highnefs having cattle in fome parifhes of the Ly»

had in the late war, when he com- manded the Saxon troops, an op- portunity of obferving the valour and merit of his ofiicers, was glad to give them a public teltimony of his approbation; that having, with incelfant labour, eltablilhed a refpetftable army in Saxony, after accomplifiiing 1o nccefliary a mea- fure for the prefervation of the country, he embraced the carlielt opportunity of inttituting a new military order (of which his ne- phew the elector was grand mafter), whereby he might reward the military merit of fome tvhofe va- lour he had been w-itnelis to, and the indefatigable zeal of others who had allilted him in furmount- ing the obltacles he had met with in augmenting the army, and find- ing funds for its maintenance; that, at the fame time, this order, with the penfions annexed to i_t, was intended as an incentive to emulation in military men, who might certainly promife themfelves thofe diftinguifhing marks, accord- ing as they fhould merit them, by excelling in knowledge and

‘fpirited behaviour in their pro-


The crofs is oétangular, ena- melled in white, and nearly re- fembling that of Malta, with a Wcutcheou in the middle. On one

fide is feen St. Henry in his im- '

perial robes, and round his name the following infcription: HA- VERIVS ramcars POL. nvx ET aomrmsrnnroa sax. INSTI- Tvr 1', 1768.” On the reverie are the {words of Saxony, encircled with a laurel wreath, and the following motto: VIRTVTI m BsLLo.” An epidemical diftemper hav- ing broke out among the horned

onnois and the Dauphiny, the in- habitants applied for afiiltance to. the_ Ecole ‘royale Veterinaire, who fent fome ftudents, by whole ap- plication, out of 378 beaits which had the difternper in the parifh of Marennes, only two died. They had loft 22 bealts there, before the arrival of the fieur joli, one of the Itudents. A lift is publilhed of 64, perfons whole cattle have been cured or kept alive in difter- ent parifhes by the {kill of the above gentleman, and other {tu- dents.

Conftantinople, Auguft 17. A fire broke out the 6th inltant in the palace of the grand vizir, by which that magnificent building was entirely confirmed, and the greatelt part of the rich furniture in it. That prime miniltefls fpoufe with great difficulty efcapod the flames. I

The quantity of rice exported from Charles-town, from the iii of November lait to this day, is 111,203 barrels; and the price now is 3l. 10 s. per cwt.

Laft Friday a ivater-fpout fell at Langton Herrings, in the county of Dorfet, and uncovered (even houfes and three barns. The fame water was feen to‘ rife out ofthe fea near Abbotfbury.

A grand entertainment was provided, by order of his majelty, at Richmond-lodge, for the king of Denmark. A molt elegant itructure was‘ erected, in the center of which was a large triumphal arch, about forty feet high, of the Grecian order, deco- rated with figures, trophies, and other embelliftiments; from which, on each fidefwas a range of ita- tues, fupporting feitoons of flow-