pretentious of the duke of Moden upon the Ferrareze. '

Letters from Wetzler mention the death of the princels Eleonore Bernarditie, landgravels by birth of Helle-Reinfolds, and countels dowager of Bentheim, aged 73.

John Taylor, of Pencoyd, in ll“? wunty 0t Hereford, was lately recovered of his twhretizjg inthe holipital of Bethlem, and difcharg- ed, after being one year under the care of that noble charity. What is remarkable, he had a par icular antipathy to his teeth; and, during the time ofhis inlaniev, would petition any perlon to draw them, or rather pull them out with pincers, or any other inllrument, _not objecting to a hammer be- 1mg exercifed on his jatvs for that purpole; _when he was lent t0 Bethlem, he hadonly one remain- ing in his head, which he foon got rid of by the alliilance of one of his fiighty companions, and from that time grew better every day in his intelleéts. '

»On Wednefday morn- ing, about half an hour after ten, his Danilh majelly, at- tended by three nobles, went in a coach and four, from his apart- Jments at St. _]ames’s, for Wool- wich, being followed by four other carriages with his attendants, to fee his ma_i<lly’s {hip the Denmark, of 74 guns, launched at that place; and, after viewing the war- ren, dined with the cornmlliioners, and returned in the evening to St. Jamesls.

Yelierday his majelly was pleaf- ed to-honour the fociety of artills of Great Britain with his prefence, at their room in Spring-gardens, to view an exhibition of piflures, &c. prepared for him, where he




Raid a confiderable time, and ex- prelled his latisfafition in the molt obliging manner. Extract of a letter from Dublin, i Sept. l2.

Lafi Friday evening, after his grace the duke of Bedford was in- fialled chancellor of our univerfity (when not only the provoll, fel- lows, fiudents, 84c. but the lord lieutenant, nobility, and gentry, attended), a moll elegant dinner was given by his grace, confilling of 250 dilhes, and a moll magni- ficent delert: and this day he en- tertained the provoli, fellows, pro- fellors, and ftudents of the uni- veriity. His grace intends to found two fellowlhips of 501. a- year each, and to prelent the uni- verlity with the fiatute of queen Elizabeth (the founder), which is to be erected in the library- fquare.”

Another letter fays, To the honour of his grace the duke of Bedlord, chancellor of the univer- fity of Dublin, we hear the emo- luments of that ofiice will be folely appropriated towards founding a new college; one half for the fiudy and revival of the ancient Anglo- Saxon language; the other for ereéling a magnificent elaboratory, for the better alcertaining and perfefting the knowledge of fitn- ples and minerals, natives of the kingdom of Ireland, and other ufe- ful purpofes.”

His grace the duke of Bedford hath given zoo guineas to be di- vided amGngll the poor of the dif- ferent parithes here.

At the above infialiation, the honourable Mr. Townlhend, eldefi {on of his exccllency the lord lieu- tenant, was admitted at this uni-

verfity. There