There is now living, at his feat in Ellex, fir Fleetwood Sheppard, (a friend of the late celebrated Mr. Prior) who is in perfect health, though at the age of t 2o years.

And near Brampton in Cumber- land, a woman named Margaret Foller, aged 136 years, and who has a daughter aged 104.

Married at the abbey-church at Bath, Mrs. Millard, taIlow-chand- ler in Holloway, aged near 8o, to

_ her journeyman, aged about 25.

Died.] The late governor Ste- phenfon of Bengal; this gentleman dying intellate, and without iffue, his fortune, which is fuppofed to be upwards of 500,000 l. devolves to his nephew.

' At the (eat of Thomas Black- hall, at Great Hafely, in the coun- ty of Oxford, efq. Mrs. Carter, aged 8g. She firfl married George Blackhall, of Great Hafcly, in the {aid county, efq. Afterwards Ri- chard Cartcr, of Chilton, in the county of Bucks, efq. who died in 7755'

In the 3|ll year of his age, Mr. john Stede, upwards of fifty years prompter to the theatres royal in Liucolnsinn-fields and Covent- garden.

Aged 8z, at his houfe at Mile- end old town, Mr. George Thorn- ton, formerly one of the greateft carcafe butchers in London, and a contraflor for ferving the navy with oxen.‘

At Dulwich, aged near 1oz, Mr. Jacob Gorton, who had acquired a large fortune as a tallow chandler and (cap-maker in Southwark.

Aged 92s Hugh Hency, elq. ma- ny years keeper of his majelly’s re- galia in the tower.

At Hampllead, in an advanced age, Mr. Peter Fletcher, who had


acquired upwards of twenty thou} [and pounds in the bufinefs of a falfeman in Holborn,

Mrs. Munden, a maiden lady aged 96.

At Picklefhill, near Bilhop- aukland, Ralph How, aged 103, who retained his faculties perfeél to the lall.

Aged 73, at her houfe near the French Change, Soho, Mrs. Sarah Burchettywho had acquired a for- tune of 10,0001. by dealing in fecond-hand plate, laces, wearing- apparel, &c-.

At Gofport, Chrillopher Spig- gett, aged 72 years. He was the oldell: mailer cook in the navy. On board his majelty’s fhip Superb, in the year I718, under fir George Byng, he had both his hands [hot off at the wrills by one fhot, for which he enjoyed a penfion of 13 l. 6s. 8d. a year, upwards of 5o years. He was many years cook of the Royal William, but at his deceafe, of the Woreeller man of war. He was remarkable for his agility in uling his {lumps without any artificial alliflance. He could play at cards, lkittles, take (null, help himfelfto drink, Sec.


Her royal highnefs the prin- cefs dowager of Wales gave a grand entertainment lall night, in honour of his Danilh majelly, at Carlton-home; it confilled of three tables, one for their majellies, and the princefs dowager of Wales; a fecond for the king of Den- mark and fifty of the nobility; and the third for his royal highnefs the prince of Wales and his attendants, Sec.

The. king of Denmark, with his (uite, went to Flamlleed-houfe in

[DJ] 4 Greenwich-