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houfe in Pall-mall, from the illand of Minorca, in the Mediterranean. He landed at Pottfmouth in the morning from on board the Venus, refrelhed himfelf a little at the houfe of rear-admiral Sir john Moore, and then fet out immedate~ ly for London. p

This morning between two and three o’clock, a fire broke out at Mr. Barnard’s, leather-cutter, in Widegate-alley, Bilhopfgate-fireet Vfithout, whofe houfe and work- giop were confumed; and the

ames communicated to the work-

lhop of Mr. Decaux, painter, in the fame alley. The lire was very violent, but, by the vigilance of the firemen, its progrefs was itopt with- out further damage.

The York fiage-coach was un- happily overturned; there were fix palTengers in it, among whom was major Weddel, who loll: his life; two ladies were taken out vfpeech- lefs, and without hope of recovery; the other three were much bruifed. The major’s fervant, who was upon the roofof the coach, had his thigh broke.

loth- At a court of ‘common

council, it was refolved to prefent the king of Denmark with the freedom of London, in a gold box; and the lord-mayor was de- fired to wait on his majelly, to know in what manner it lhould be tranf- mitted to him.

His majefty the king of Den- mark gave a molt luperb mafked ball at the Hay-market, at which were prefent-the greatelt number of nobility and gentry ever affem- bled together upon any occafion of the like nature. It is computed, that not lefs than 2,500 perfons of dillinftion were prefent. The illu- minations were particularly lplen-

[I77 did and elegant. His Danilh ma- jefiy went in a private manner to the theatre, accompanied only by his excellency count Holke, in his own coach and pair, and afterwards robed hirnfelf in mafquerade in one of the drefiing rooms. A little after ten, the noblemen of his ma- jelly’s retinue followed in chairs, in their mafquerade dreffes, ex- tremely rich and elegant. The ball was opened by his Daniflt majcliy and the duchefs of Ancaller. The principal grotefque characters were the conjurer, the black, and the old woman; there was alfo a me- thodifl preacher, a chimney fweep- er, with his bag, fhovel, and fcraper, and a boar with a bull’s head, all which were fupported with great humour.

A noble duke had the misfortune to loie a particular {huff-box in the crowd, on which was the king of France’s picture, fet with diamonds, for which a reward of 5o guinea: has fince been ofFered.

The king of Denmark h had a numerous levee at “t ' his apartments at St. jamefis, at which were prefent molt ofthe no- bility, foreign minillers, and great ofiicers of llate, t0 take leave of his

majelty. The lirll {tone of the general irfirmary at Leeds was laid by

Edwin Lafcelles, efq. one of the knights of the {hire for the county of York. . The rev. Dr. \Vetherell, vice- chancellor of Oxford, together with Dr. Durcll, principal of Hert- ford college, had the honour of being admitted to his Danilh ma-

. jefly at St. _[ames’s, and prelentecl

the diploma of his degree of doc- tor in civil law. His majelly was pleated to receive them very graci-