has been actually fent from thence fell down, and buried feveral of

to Corlica, at the expence of the fubfcribers. ExtraEt of a letter from Norwich.

The price of leather having, in the fpace of about two years, rifen to a degree before unknown; tanned hides being, about two years ago, fold Currently for 9s. 6d. the llone, are now advanced to the price of t4. s. 6d. nor can any perfon that does not buy large quantities have them at that extra- ordinary price, though their pay- ment is prompt: the cafe with the calf-fltins is the fame, in that time they are advanced from 18s. to t l. 6 s. per fione. Thefe are the grievances the manufacturers oflea- ther at prefent labour under; and they are come to a refolution to requell: of their members, by a pe- tition from themfelves to parlia» ment, for a redrefs in favour of the poor (the burthen upon whom they can hardly conceive) as well as themfelves, that fuch remedies may be applied as they in their wifdom fhall think fit, whether by the tak- ing off the drawback, encouraging the importation, or fuch means as may be thought molt proper.

Early in the morning it began to rain at Birming- ham, and continued inccffantly for 36 hours, which caufed the grcatelt flood that has been remem- bered for 4o years in that neigh- bourhood.

1 2th.


In the afternoon, about four o’clock, a melancholy catallrophe happened at the duke of Grafton’: houfe, now building on Hay-hill; while upwards of fifty men were at work within-tide of it, part of the inlide partition walls


them in the ruins; thrife who ef- caped began immediately to dig out their COmpfillllOfls; and, after fome time, they took cut nine men, two of whom were quite dead, others terribly bruifed, and fume with their limbs broken ; four ofthem were carried to the Mid ile- fex hofpital, and two to St. George’s hofpital.

About one in the morn- ing Mr. William Pimlot, of SymoncYs-inn, was murdered by a. woman Wllil whom he had formerly cohabitcd. On making fome dif- turbance in the ‘inn, he got up to charge her with the watch, when {he plunged a penknife to his heart, which kided him in a few minutes. She was immediately apprehended, and committed to Newgate, where fhe behaves with becoming forrow, ivilhitig for death, being tired of the world.

St. ]ame.<'.a,Novembc-r i6. This day the right honourable the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London, waited on his majelty; and james Eyre, efq. the recorder, made their compliments in the following addrefs :.

Molt gracious fovereign,

WE your majelty’s molt dutiful and loyal fubjecits, the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London, in common eouncil af- fembled, molt humbly beg leave to exprefs our lincere and hearty con- gratulations on the fafc delivery of the queen, and the aufpicious birth of another princefs.

Every increafe of domeltic hap- pinefs to your majelly and your molt amiable confort will always fill the hearts of your faithful ci-

[N] tizcm