The late Mr. Titley, envoy to the court of Denmark, and fellow of Trinity college, having left 5001. to the univerfity of Catn- bridge, the vice chancellor has appropriated it to the building an amphitheatre for public leélures and muftcal performances, and has added a benefafition of twenty gui- neas. The reverend Dr. Long, profeffor Shepherd, and Mr. Al- derfon, have alfo fubfcribed ten ‘guineas each.

Mr. Seaton’s annual prize is this year adjudged to Mr. Jenner, of Sidney college, for his poem on the deflruétion of Nineveh.

His majefiy went, with the ufual fiate, to the houfe of peers, attended by the duke of Ancalier and the earl of Denbigh ; and gave the royal alfent to the bill for prohibiting, for a further limited time, the exportation of corn, grain, meal, malt, flour, bifcuit, and fiarch, and alfo the extraélion of fpirits from low wines.

Naples, Orftober 25. In me- mory of the celfation of the great eruption of mount Vefuvius lall year, attributed to a miracle of Stljannarius, a marble llatue has been erected by the city of Naples upon Maddalena bridge; at the bottom of the pedeltal an infcrip- tion has been lately placed, of which the following is a tranfla- tron :

Clement XIII. Pope, grants one hundred days indulgences to- ties quoties, for ever, to each believer, who devoutly invokes this fiatue of our patron St. ]anuarius.—By brief, dated the toth of May, i768.

Copenhagen, Nov. 7. In con» lideration of the high price of



rye, and to relieve the inhabitants of this capital, the college of the chamber of finances hath ordered ten thoufand tons of that commo- dity to be taken out of the king's magazines, in order to be {old among the people at two crowns and four marks Danilh the ton.

Rome, 0o. 6. The prelate Azpuni, minilter from Spain to the holy fee, has received from his court 18,000 Roman crowns, which he has orders to diflribute among the Spanifh jefuits at Bo- logna, Ferrara, and Ravenna; and 4,500 more to be oiltributed among thofe in the difirifl of An- cona, and in the other parts of Romania.

Several pirates and murderers have been apprehended and brought to the Marfnallea, of whom the following is an account: a fet of daring fellows for upwards of feven years pail, moli of whom lived at Haliings in Suflex, and, during that time, boarded and robbed feveral {hips coming up the channel, and in particular boarded a Dutch fhip hotneward bound, plundered the fhip, mur- dered all the crew, and then funk the (hip. At lafi they were dif~ covered by their bragging to one another how the Dutchman wrig- gled about when they had cut him on the back bone with an ax: upon this, information was given to the government, who imme- diately ordered a detachment of two hundred foldiers to march front London for Hallings, with llrié} charge not to let the lealt word tranfpire that could give any pcrfon fufpicion of what they came for; and alfo, if any difturbance fhould happen in the town, not to interfere therein; upon their

3 arrival