to bed twice within the {pace of one

year lafi palt, and had twins each

time, being four children in twelve Jmonths.

Died] Mr. Bamford, hatter, in Shire-lane, Temple-bar; com- monly called the Giant, on ac- count of his extraordinary ilature. It is (aid, that zoo l. was ollered for his body by the furgeons for difleélion. He was thirty-fix years of age, has left a wife (who-was “brought to bed of a fon the day he died), and two children. She has beerrvery near death ‘fince her de- livery from the bignefs of the child, but is now better.

At Croyden", Peter Wilmot, efq. late a fcarlet dyer, {aid to be worth near 60,0001.

In Tothill-fields Bridewell, aged 68, Mr. Carl Gotlick Uiman, ca- binet-maker, in Wild-Greet: he was unhappily engaged in procur- ing artilicers to go abroad; for which he was lall feliions tried at Guildhall, Wefiminller, and found guilty: but in regard of his age was fentenced Only to three months imprilonment, and to pay a fine of zoo l. with which lentence he was fo affefied, having till that time lived in good credit, that he was immediately taken ill, and con~ tinued in a languilhing condition ever fince, which is about three weeks.

At Hackney, aged near 9o, Peter Purchas, efq.

At Stratford, aged r03, Thomas Crofby, gent. who had been for- merly one of the cocket writers in the long room at the cuflom-houfe.

Thurfday l'e’nnight died, in the alms-houfe belonging to the Brew- ers company, at Aldenham in

_ Hertfordlhire, Mrs. Bampton, aged I27 years. -



The confequence ofthe late h

heav rainsa earsinadread- 5t ' Y PP

ful manner by the floods, which extend from Stratford, northward, all over the marihes for mrrny miles up the lides of the river Lee. On Friday and Saturday the ltream ran through the arches over the road beyond Lee-bridge, in a tor- rent like that at the tail of a mill; but on Sunday morning it greatly abated, and by eleven 0’clocl~: the ways were paflable. On Saturday a poor man, driving lbme cows from the low grounds in Hackney marlhes, was carried away by the force of the fiream, and drowned in Lee river. The inhabitants of Stratford, &c. had the waters {'0 high in their houfes, that they were obliged to have fcalFolds e- retfted, by which, and the ufe of ladders, they got in at the cham- ber windows. In many places the llzream ran {o high, that the drivers of the Rages were obliged to open the coach doors to allow a pafiage for the water, the weight of which would otherwife have overfet the carriages. The Exeter Rage-coach, which fer out yellerday morning between one and two from the Bell in Friday- llreet, was overfet by the violence of the waters on this fide Staines, and all the infide paf- fengers, namely, Mr. Foy, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Coleman, Mrs. Ty- rell and her two children, were drowned, together with four horl-es: the coachman, guard, and one out- fide paflenger, were faved, after being driven more than half a. mile by the impetuolity ofthe cur- rent. In St. Georgesfields, Dr. Townfhendk‘ houle and gardens were overflowed, and a fine large

[N] 4. bear