bear was drowned. Up the Thames, which in every county are higher

the tivfe of flood is f0 obllructed, by the frelhes from innumerable rivulers, that it is with the utmolt difficulty the craft can make their way up the Fiver. In Bezkihire, feveral llreep and horfes at Batty farm are drowned; the banks of the Kennet and Lodden are quite overflowed; Burfield bridge is en- tirely walhed away ; part of Tory- forti bridge is broken down, and numbers of people are obliged to leave their houfes; in fhort, the whole looks like a fea. In Efiex, a black {ervant of William Staple- ton, efq. of Danbury-hall, in at- tempting to crofs the river at Cheltnsford on horfeback, was car- ried away by the rapidity of the fiream ; both the fervant and horle were drowned. In Suffolk, molt of the fields, meadows, &c. are en- tirely under water; near a thou- fand men are hired to mend the roads and make drains to carry the floods 0E. In Nottingham, at Eall: Retford, one neighbour was obliged to alfiil another, by get- ting ladders, and helping them out of the windows; the cries of the poor women and children were fhocking. The tradefmen who live near to the river have fuffered greatly in lllcir warehoules, and the 104's cannot be computed: the current came into the market- place; but luckily no lives are loft. On the ncrth road, the mail, which fhould have arrived on Sa- turday morning, did not arrive till Sunday; and on the wefiern, car- riages were retarded for feveral hours, at Cranford-bridge, Houn- {low-heath, Longford, Colnbrooke, 8:0. 51c.

At Gloucefier, the exprefs was

retarded ism hours by the floods, 3

than can be remembered.

Such a general inundation as the prelent has lcarcely been re- membered. The fiat country in Herefordlhire and Shroplhire is a perfeét fea, f0 that the roads are impallable.

Extract of a Letter from Paris,

Nov. 23.

On the 24th. the duke of Or- leans gave a molt magnificent en- tcrtainment to the king of Den- mark, to which all the principal nobility were invited. The {up- per was ferved at l2 tables. That of the king of Denmark, at which were prelent the duke of Orleans, who performed the honours of it, mademoifelle, the prince de Condé, and the minillers of the king, con- fified of 9o covers. His Danifh majelly handed mademoifelle to her place. The duke de Chartres did the honours of the fecond ta- hle, which confided of 99 covers. The 12 tables confiiled in all of 672 covers, and were ferved with great order and difpatch. The {up- per was preceded by a ball, to which 1500 perfons of all ranks were ad- mitted. On the zzd, his Danilh majeliy was entertained by the prince de Soubife.”

They write from \Vorcell;er, that on hlonday the zill: of lafl month, the quickfilver in the barometer was remarkably low ; and on Tuefday lower than fcarce ever before remembered. The air was {o very light, that the cylinder of mercury fupported thereby meafur- ed but twenty-eight inches. The caufe thereof is apprehended to be great florms at a difiance, perhaps at (ea. -

A gentleman of Exeter lays, that the barometer was on the 23d