half an inch lower than he ever faw it, who is upwards of 78 years of age. It was 27 inches and a half on the fcale. We have received the like accounts from feveral other places; and fome pretend to prog~ nolticate we {hall not have any fettled fair weather for four months to come.

They write from Modbury in Devonlhire, that the barometers there were lower the 21ft, 22d, and 23d, than has been known thefe ten years.

One day lall: week James Ellis, of Colney-ftreet, in Hertfortihire, had a turnip dug out of his ground that weighed feventy-three pounds, which he fold for a penny, after he had previoully won five guineas from a man that wagered him that fum, that he could not produce him one of that weight.

h The young princefs was 7t ' baptized by his grace the archbilhop of Canterbury, in the grand council room at St. _[ames’s, by the name of Augufia Sophia, The fponfors were the eldelt prince of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and the dutcheffes of Ancalter and Nor- thumberland, as proxies for the queen of Denmark and the princelis of Brunfwick.

Extract of a letter from Paris.

A cafe which lately happened in one of the hofpitals of this city greatly engaged the attention of gentlemen of the faculty. The unhappy object had the fione to a great degree, from which he fuf- fered the molt excruciating pains. Upon examining him with the probe, the {tone was difcovered to be of an amazing fize, and when it was extracted, it weighed 26 ounces; whereas the largelt that have been found have not exceed- ed {even 0r eight ounces. It is

[193 very remarkable, that the patient fuffered little or no pain till within about a fortnight of his being cut. The moi’: fltilful anatomilts doubt. ed the cafe till they were eye wig- nelTes of the operation.

Edinburgh, Dec. 3. Yelterday, about 12 o’clocl<, part of the walls and roof of the church adjoining to the palace of Holyrood-houfe gave way and fell down ; and lall; night the molt of the remainder alfo {hared the fame fate; f0 that now that fine edifice is entirely de- ftroyed. This accident is faid to be owing, to the enormous weight of a new {tone roof laid over it fome years ago, which the walls, it is thought, were unable to (up- port. The pillars and ornaments of this church, though for many years pall: walie, and almolt ruin- ous, were greatly admired as one of the finelt Gothic remains in the ifland. The fine vaults, where part of the royal family, feveral of the nobility, and a great number of the gentry were depolited, are now under the ruins.

This morning, a little be- 8th fore u o’clock, the lheriEs ' opened the poll for a knight of the (hire for the county of Middle- fex, at Brentford, which was car- ried on with much tranquillity till about a quarter after two; at which time it was generally thought that Mr. ferjeant Glynn had polled a. greater number than fir W. B. Protftor, when on a fudden a great riot enfued ; the mob mounted the huliings, attempted to feize fome of the poll-books, and entirely put a flop to the bulinefs. On this, great numbers of freeholders were hurt in trying to get away, others came home directly, and the re- mainder of the day was a fccne of confulion.