“I8 der, which were thought to be rheu- matic. About the beginning of the

prefent year, they moved from his w

Ihoulder to his thigh, and there con- tinued with extreme and almoil un- remitting feverity to his laPt illnels. On Saturday the 30th of _]uly, he was feized with a hcknefs at his 11o- mach as he fat at dinner. In the evening of the next day, as he was turning himfelf on the couch, he broke his thigh-bone. It was im- mediately fet, but it foon appeared that there were no hopes of his re~ covery ; he fell into a flight kind of deli-yum, in which he lay without arty pain till about five o’clock on Wednefday afternoon, Auguft the 3d, when he expired with great tranquillity, in the 75th year of his age. After his death it was found that the thigh bone was quite cari- ous, and that the excruciating pains he f0 long felt, andnvhich he bore with wonderful patience and forti-

T o the fociety for propagation of the gofpel in foreign parts, for the general ufes of the fociety To the fame fociety, towards the eliablilhment of a bi- fhop or billlOpS in the king’s dominions in America i To the fociety for promoting chriflian knowledge To the Irilh proteltant working fchools To the corporation of the widows and children of the

mn- 4-p-

poor clergy

To the fociety of the flewards of the faid charity

To Bromley college in ilent

To the hofpitals of the archbilhop of Canterbury, at Croydon, St. john at Canterbury, and St. Nicholas 1500

Harbledown, 5001. each

To St. George’s and London hofpitals, and the lying~ in hofpital in Brownlowftreet, 50o l. each

To the Afylum in the parifh of Larnbeth

To the ii/lagdalen hofpital, the Small-pox and Inoculation-hofpital, to each of which his Grace was a fubfcriber, 3001. each

To the incurables at St. Luke’$ hofpital

Towards the repairing, or rebuilding the houfes be- longing to the poor livings in the diocefe of Canterbury

A.bEli Lllhla l1l£(3I S'T E R,


tude, were owing to the gradual corrofion of this bone by fome acri- monious humour.

He was buried, purfuant t0 his own direftions, in the palTage from the garden door of his palace to the north door of the parilh church at Lambeth, and has forbidden any monument or epitaph to be placed for him any where. '

By his will, he has appointed Dr. Daniel Burton, and Mrs. Catharine Talbot, (daughter of the Rev. Mr. Edw.Talbot) his executors ; and has left thirteen thoufand pounds in the three per cent. annuities to Dr. Por- teus and Dr. Stinton his chaplains, in trufiz, to pay the interefi thereof to Mrs. Talbot and her daughter during their joint lives, or the life of the furvivor, and after the deceafe of both thofe ladies, then eleven thoufand of the faid thirteen thou- fand are to be transferred to the fol- lowing charitable purpofes, viz.

L. s. l.

-- -- looo o o

a } 1000 o o

- 50o o o

-- -- SQQ Q Q

} goo 0 0

-- zoo o o

- 50o 0 o o o

1500 o 0

- 40o o o

Lock-hofpital, the

90o o o


50o } zooo oo