addrclled him in thefollotving man-

ner: Sire, this is the lall adieu.

In taking leave of your majelly, I-

have the {atisfaction to leave your

kingdom in the highell degree o{ glory and reputation it has ever at-

tained, and your enemies {ubdued

and humbled. The only reward of my labours and {ervices I prefume

to all; of your majelly is, that you

would continue to honour my ne-

phews and other relations with your

proteétion and favour. I give them

my bleliing, only upon condition

that they never {werve from that

obedience and fidelity which they owe you, and which they have {o- lemnly engaged always to main-

tain.” The king gave him his promi{e, and they had a private converfation together, in which the Cardinal recommended to him the minillers who were already in place, alluring him that they were tho- roughly acquainted with the {late of afFairs, and firongly attached to his {ervice. He added, that he knew of no per{on more capable of fill- ing up his own place, than Cardi- nal Mazarin, who{e zeal and fide-

lity he had experienced on many occafions. The king replied, that he {hould always {ollow the advice he had given him, having long been convinced" of the wifdcm of his counfels; and that he would

employ h/Iazarin and the other

minillers, who lhould be conti- nued in their polls.

When the king was retired, the Cardinal alked the phylicians how long they thought he could live: Do not be afraid, {ays he, of tel- ling me your real fentiments; you are {peaking to one who is perfc-{tly refigned to the will of God, either for life or death.” They told him, they {aw at prefent no immediate danger, and that they mull wait till


the {eventh day before they could abfiwlutely pronounce upon the ca{e. That is xvell,” replied the Car- dinal: but towards evening his {ever returned with {o much vio- lence, that they were obliged to bleed him twice. M. Chicot,{aid he, addrefhng'him{el{to one of the king’s phylicia-ns, {peak to me, I beE-ech you, not as a phyfician, but as a {riend, without diliguilie.” My Lord, replied Chicot, after having made {omedilliculty in giv- ing his opinion, Ibelieve that in twenty-Four hours you will be either dead or well.” That is {peaking as you ought, replied the Cardinal, I underlland you.” Aliter confef- fion, he aiked for the viaticum, which was brought him an hour af- ter midnight. Behold my Lord; and my God, cries the Cardinal, which I am jull going to receive: I protelt belore him, and call him to witne{s,tl1at in the whole ofmy condufl during my minillryl have had nothing in view but the wel- fare of religion and of the Hate.” Some hours after, he received ex- treme uneiion. My lord, {aid the curate who attended him, do you {orgive your enemies P” I-t is {aid he made him this anfiwvcr: “I ne- vet‘ had any but thole of the llate.” Others aflirm, that he only Paid, Yes, with all my heart, and asl wilh to be {orgiven mylielf.” For a day or two after, he {eemed a lit- tle revived by a medicine which was given him by a quack, who under- took to cure him, when his phyli- cians had given him up. While the elliecls of this lafled, he c0nver{ed with the {ecretaries of {late upon bufine{s, and was well enough to- receive the Compliments that were {ent him from the Dulce of Orleans and the Qxueen; and gave his an- {vlvers to them with a great deal 0F flrength