But fear him not, heed not his cunning smile, For many miles lie between him and thee. And so she turns away, and plunging deep Into the joyous pleasures of the world,

The ghastly spectre wanders from her mind, And taketh wings.

And now amidst the great The noblest in the land, she reigns a queen, Queen of all hearts, and fairest of the fair, Assembled oft beneath the rosy light Of banquet hall and ball-room.

But one night, When the gay year was young and knew no care, Casting her snowy robe blithely aside, And donning the apparel of the Spring, A robe of green, with jewelled dew-drops trimmed, The maid surrounded by a courtly throng Of worshippers, laughed, danced, and talked—

When, lo !

Th‘ unwelcome visage of grim Death appeared Before her sight, as it had done before.

The roses crept, unbidden from her cheeks And her sweet, frightened eyes grew large and


And saw nought, but the slow advancing one, Who, with a mocking and triumphant smile,