AauClr. 57.

;~'@,t@".,1*;,- P /1 1t A P H R A s E. TE X1,

3;. my Brethren, when you have a meeting for thlVhfirelfore my bre- celebrating tl1e Lord’s Supper, Pray for one gertig’r,‘vtge‘a‘alt'ftg°r‘rnfggé another, that you may eat it all together, as for another. Partakers all in common of the Lord’s Table,

g4. without Divifion or Diltinfition. But if any Afldffaflv ma" bun-g,’ one be ltungry, let him eat at home to fatisfie gig; 1;; llggéatnfthgggf

his Hunger, that f0 the Diforder in thefe ther unto condemnation.

Meetings may not draw on you the Puniihment Qfiifllflergfil £2161 l" l"

above-mentioned: What elfe remains to be re- '

Pcified in this matter, I will fet in order when

I come.


S E C T. IX. on AP. xn. !.-~'----XlV.4.0i.

(.' O N T E N T S.

' ‘H E Corinthians feem to have enquired of St. Paul, what Or- ? der of Precedency and Preference Men were to have in their Allemblies, in regard of their Spiritual Gifts. Nay, if we may guefs by his Anfxver, the Quellion they feem more particularly to have proposkl, was, \Vl1Ctl]C1' thofe who had the Gift of Tongues, ought not to take place, and fpeak firlt, and be firft heard in their Meetings. Concerning this there feems to have been Tome Strife, Maligning and Dilordei" amonglt them, as may be collePted from Cb. 12.. 21----2§. 8c 13. 45. 8t 14. 4o.

To this St. PM! anlwers in thefe three Chapters as followeth.

1. That they had all been Heathen Idolaters, and f0 being De. tiiers of Chrijt, xvere in that State none of them Spiritual .- Bu; Klldt now being Chriltians, and ouu1ii1g_]efus to be the Lord, (xvhich could not be done without the Spirit 0t God) they were all mew/aria}, Splritutl; and f0 there xvas no reafon for one to un- dervalue another, as if he were not Spiritual as well as himfelf, C‘/1.12.1----;.

2. That