9O An.C 1a.; 7. Neroni: 3.






Law (q), With Men of other Tongues and other Lips will I (peak unto this People: and yet for all that will they not hear me, faith the Lord. So that you fee the fpeaking offtrange Tongues miraculoufly is not for thofe who are already converted, but for a ‘fign to thofe who are Unbelievers: But Prophefie is for Belie~ vers, and not for Unbelievers; and therefore fitter for your AlTembl-ies. If therefore when the Church is all come together, you lhould all fpeak in unknown Tongues, and Men un- learned or Unbelievers ihould come in, would "they not fay that you are mad? But if ye all prophefie, and an Unbeliever or ignorant Man come in, the Difcourfes he hears ‘from you reaching his Confeience, and the fecre-t Thoughts of his Heart, he is convinced, and wrought upon, and f0 falling down worllhips God, and declares that God is certainly amongilt you. What then is to be done, Brethren P “r-hen ye come together, every one is ready (r), one with a Pfalm, another with a Dofitrine, ano- ther with a {trange Tongue, another with a Revelation, another xv-ith Interpretation. Let



will I fpeak unto this peo- ple: and yet for all that will they not hear me, faith the Lord.

Wherefore tongues are 22 for a fign, not to them that believe, but to ‘them that believe not: but pro- pliefyting ferveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe.

If therefore the “hole 23 church be come tcgether into one place, and all lpeak with tongues, and there come in thofethat are unlearned, or unbe- lievers, will they not fay that ye are mad?

But if all prophetic, and g4, there come in one that ‘believeth not, or one un- learned, he is convinced of an, he is illdg€dnOf all z

And thus are the fectiets 2s of his heart made mani- fefi; and fo falling down on his face he will worlhip God, and report that God is in you of a truth.

How is it then, bre- 25 thren ? u hen ye come to- gether, every one of you hath a pfalm, hath a do-

3i (q) The Books or Sacred Scripture delivered to the Jews by Divine Revelation, under: the Law, before the time 0t the Goipel, which we now call the Old Teitameiit, are in the ‘Writings 0t the New Tefianient called lornetiines, the Law, the Prophets, and the P/alms, as Luke 24.. 44.. fometimes ibe Law and the Prophets, as Ad: 24. i4. And fonietiincs they are all comprehended under this one Name,‘ tbs 17.1w, as here, for the Pallage tired is in lfaiab.

26 (r) ’Tis plain by this whole Dilconrle oi theApoPtle s, that there were Contentions and Emulations amongt’: them tor Precedency ot their Gifts, and theiettire Ithink 5mm ixen, may be rcndcfd, ever] one ir rend], as impatient to be ilfll lieartl. It there were no fuch Dif- order amoriglt them, there would have been no need tor the Regulations given in the end of this Verfe, and the 7 Verles tollowing, elpecially var. 3i, 32- where he tells them, they all may prophelie one by one, and that ‘the Motions of the Spirit were not f0 ungqvcmable, as not to leavea Man hiafter ot himlell. He mull nottiiiiik liiinfelf under a necelfity of ‘Fpeak-

ing as [oon as he found any lmpulle of the Spirit upon his blind.