this mortal Ilwil Pl" 0v and from mortal become immortal. And when

' ft . - _ - . - 34'“‘g§,°{§;;nY,his Comma, we are got into that State of Incoiruptibility 54

ble fhallhave PM on in- and Immortality, then {hall be Fulfilled what

t°:l"i‘£l;‘d°§a>“f‘e“d;:§Zfiffi; was foretold in thefe words, Death is fwal-

mortality, then {hall be lowed up ofVictory (p), i. e. Death is perfeét-

b‘°“8h"°.Pal“h¢ raYlllg ly fubduecl and exterminated by a compleat that is written, Death is

fwanowvgd “P1,, vino“ Victory over it, fo that there {hall be no Death 55 _0 deathnvhtwis thy any more. Where, O Death, 1S now that 55, Mg? O guwe’ whm Power whereby thou deprivePt Men of Life ?

is thy vi€tory ? _ _ _ _ What is become or the Dominion of the Grave,

56 , The fling 0F dmh is whereby they were detained Prifoners there (q).

g2 firengtl‘ °* That which gives Death the Power over Men 56.

is Sin, and ’tis the Law by which Sin has this But thanks be to God, Power. But Thanks be to God who gives us 57.

s7 . . .. which giveth us the vicio- ' ' . _ W, throng“ ourLum k Deliverance and Victory ovei Death, the Pu

nischrifi. niihment of Sin by the Law,through our Lord Jefus Chrill, who has delivered us from the


Gender, to fignifie the Perfons of Adam and Cbrifi, in liich a way as it is impollible to under- fiancl them otherwiie. The words no farther off than wr. 46. are thefe; ‘Amid t’ wpiim 1-5 uveuyamtlv‘ avid rrb kvxitiv, ism-u 1'0 wvsunmwniv. The like way of fpeaking we have, Min. l. 2o. and lulu: i. 35- in both which the I’erfon of our Saviour is eXprei§cl by Adjeélives of the Neuter Gender. To any of all which places I clo not think any one will add the Sub- fiantive tripe Boa), to make out the Senie. That then which is meant here beingthis, That this mortal Man fhall put 0n Immortality, and this corruptible Mm Incorruptibility, any one will eafily find another Nominative Cafe to antigen: isfown, and not irfiya. Bad], when he confi- ders the Senfe of the place, wherein the Apofilek purpofe is to fpeak of win-poi mortal Men, be- ing (lead and railed again to Life, and made immortal. Thofe with whom Grammatical Con- firufiion, and the Nominative Cafe weighs f0 much, may be plcasit to read this Pailage in Virgil ; Linquebmiz dulm animus, auz egu mzbebanz, C arpora, Eniarl. 1.3. var. 14o.

where by finding the Nominarive Cafe to the two Verbs in it, he may come to difcover that Perfonality, as contra-ilifiinguiihed to both Body and Soul, may be the Noniinative Cale to Verbs.

54. (p) NTim Vifiorj, often fignifies End and Defiruilion- See Vaflius tle LXX interpret, mp. 24.

55 (q) This has fomethin the air of aSong of Triumph, which St- Paul breaks out into

upon a view of the Saints Vit ory over Death, in a State wherein Death is never toihave place any more.