94, RO .M 14- S; 14»1.Cb.<,7.


Nation of [fmel (w), or the People of God arelfighfiredlzffsillgerahtféllf 7 7. comprehended 1n the Promife; Nor are they m they a“ chinks";

who are the Race of Abraham all Children, gut in llaac {hall thy feed but only his Pofterity by I/Imc, as it is faid, In °T°illledz .

. . Th h h s a mammw&mm@mhnmam¢m$mQ%&

Children of the Flelh defcended out of Abm- flefla, thefe are not the

. . ' , ; h hlmfs Loins, are not thereby the Children of Pfiggifj

GOd (x), 811d t0 b6 efieemed hi5 P601316, but are counted for the feed.

' For this is the word of the Children of the Promife, as Ifima was, are Pronlmmthistinlewm 9

q. alone to be accounted his Seed. For thus runs 1 comm, and Sm m,“

the Word of Promife, A: this time I will come, hm H01»

a o. and. Sara [I'm/l have a Son. Nor was this the on- “,3? fifffé ‘°

iY Limitation 0f IlIC Sfifid 0f Aer/thaw, t0 WhOITI conceived by one, even

. ' 1 by our father Ifaac the P1 omife belong d, but alfo when Rebeca: (For the childre; being n

had conceived by that one of Abralmnfs Illue not,“ 1,0,,“ neither ha. to whom the Promife was made, viz. our Fa- ther 112m, and there were Twins in her Womb,

t. of that one Father, before the Children. were born, or had done any Good or Evilfy), to


; t a _ _ (w) See cl). 4. t6. St. Rml ufes this as a Reafon to prove that the Promife of God failed not to have its effect, though the Body of the jewilh Nation rejected jefus Chrifl, and were therefore nationally rejected by God from being any longer his People. The Reafon. he gives for it is this, That the Pofletity of 331mb or Ifmcl were not thofe alone xvho were to make that Ifmcl, or that cholen People of God, which were intended in the Pro- mife made to Abraham, others belides the Defcendants of jut-ob were to be taken intdthis Ifmel, to conflitute the People of God under the Gofpel: and therefore the calling and coining in of the Gentiles was a fulfilling of that Promife. And then he adds in the next Verfe, that neither were all the Pollerity of ulnar/um comprehended in that Promife, fo_ that tihole who were taken in, in the time of the Mefiiah, to make the Ifrael of God, were not taken in, hecaufe they were the natural Defcenclants from Abmlmnz, nor did the ]eivs claim it for all his Race. And this he proves by the Limitation of the Promife to Abru- bavfs Seed by Ifaac only. All this he does to fhew the Right of the Gentiles to that Pro- mjfe, if they believed: Since that Promife concerned not only the natural Defceudants either of Ahralmm or Ifacoiv, but only tholie who were of Faith of their Father J-Il-mlaznz, of xvhomfoever defcended, fee cl). 4. t r I7. 8 (x) Children of God, i. e. People of God, fee ver. 26. tr (y) IVei1/icr~ baring don»: good or etfil. Thefe Words may poflibly have been added by St. Paul to the foregoing (which may perhaps feem full enough of thenifelves) the more exprelly to obviate an Objection of the lews, who might he ready to fay, that hfdll was rejected becaufe he was wicked 5 as they did of I/lmmel, that he was rejeéietl be cnufe he was the Son of a Bond-woman. fhew