ROM/INS. 9,,

-4fiaCb-§ 7o

TEXT. PARAPHRAsE. ,~"f=,,i~~,,i==,-

M“ m“ l“? m! l“ the finful Nation of the Jews, even when they

alt n ' . 5; hi”, ggiytnihi Kip‘? were proper ObyeéIts of that Wrath, fit to have

of moron which he had it poured out upon them in their Defiruclion ; m?‘ lmpawd ‘"“° 51°‘ That (n) he might make known the Riches of 13-

“ryhven us whom he hath his Glory (o) on thofe whom being Objects of . “llledé WM“??? 13*" his Merc , he had before prepared to Glory? e- 9" Y‘ “'3 °° ‘WW ven us C rillians, whom he hath alfo called, not 24-

tiles. N 0 T E S.

make a Parallel between this and his dealing with the Egyptionr, mentioned t-er. t7. and therefore that Story will bell ex lain this veife, that thence will receive its full Light. For it feems a fome-tvlwt ilrange ott of reafoning, to fay,God, to ihew his Wrath, endured with much long-fuffering thofe who deferved his \Vratl1, and were fit for Deilruétion. But he that will read in Bxotlw, God’s dealing with Pbomob and the Egypnlnn, and how God polled over Provocation upon Provocatioti, and patiently endured thole who by their firll refufal, nay by their formerCrueltyand Opprefiion of the Ifi-oeliter, deferved his Wrath, and were fitted for Dcllruélion, that in a more fignal Vengeance on the Egyptian, and glo- rious deliverance of the (fraelirer, he might thew his Potter, and make himfelf be taken notice of, will eaiily fee the thong and eafie fenfe of this and the following Verfe. t; (n) Rel Ive, And rim .- The Vulgate has not And, and there are Greek M. S. that jnnifie that omiflion, as well as the fenfo of the place, which is diflurlfd by the Conjunction Aid. For with that reading it runs thus ; And God that be 1m‘ b! make known tbe ricbc: of his Glory, 8:6. A learned Paraphralhtboth againfi the Grammar an fenfe 0F the place, by his own Aaitho- rity adds, jbrzfll mercy, where the Sacred Scripture is lilent, and lays no fuch thing , bytvhiclr way we may make it fayany thing. If a Verb were to be interred here, ’tis evident it innit fome way or other anftver to endured in the foregoing Verfe g but fuch an one will not be enfy to be found that will fuit here. And indeed there is no need of it, for And being left out, the fenlefiuitable to St.l‘.1ul‘s Argument, here runs plainly and fmoothly thus; lVbar have you jibiri to complain of for God’: refilling you; from lwin any longer lnls solrlc s’ rmdgiving you up t5 [w 01'0- run andfvllvjrlledlr rbv (gentilerl nnd Ink m in; tl-svn in lo c bi: people in your room s’ he IAIN.” muvb powtrover t e hirtions of rlac Earth, to make form o Hm» 7lll"I')!Y and viowaiflt'n_q,.1>z:.-' odor": mean and weak, a: .1 Bum- 71m over In} Clo ', to make WM! fort o? llrjjcl: i)? pltzifo; of=111y_r.zr: 0f it. Tina you cannot deny. God migb! ram the be inning have mstlo" you a fieni.’ angle-tied people .' But be did nor, be made '01: {be pojlcriry of fiacob, a greater and migrbrirr froylo than lb: yojlrrir ' 0 Ink oldcrllrotlrer Beau, and v1.14: you nljb bis own people. {lenriful/y proridclifoi- in 10:11-17!‘ 0 Premifc- Nay. when your fro new rrvolr: and rrpctum’ prouorxrri-ln: 1m! who’: you fir for drjlrrliliorx, be tvirl) lon Jufering for are you, that‘ now under Ibo goffcl, execnriiio 1m wrath on you, bcirzigbt armnifijl lni: glory on m whom be lmb cal/ad to be 11:: pirofle, roinijling of a [mall remnant of jfcwrmnd ofébrzvrn: our of Ibo (icnrilcr, whom ho Imd preparer! for rim lory, a: b4 5.1.4 foretold lly Ibo prophet: Holea and llaialt- This is plainly 5t. RmIK mean- ng, That God dealt as is defcribed, for, n, with the fcwg, that he might manner} his Glory oirsthe Gentile: ; for fo he declares over and over again, Clap. tr. wr. n, tz, 1r, r .10, z , 3o. 9(0) Jllake known rl/c rlrbrr 0y’ In: glor , on ti»: 111121: of lllerry- St. Ihul ina pllkillcl place, (fol. r. has fo Fully ex ainkl the}: words, that he that will read m. t7. of that Ihapter with the Colttext were, can be in no manner of doubt what St. 11st! means

here. N 2 only

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