' fieur Torre opened his new Vaux- hall, near St. Martiifs gate, under the denomination of the Fealts of Tempe. He has laid out upwards of 50,000 crowns to eiiablilh this place of entertainment, which is to be open Sundays and Thurfdays. It was calculated that there were be- tween ten and twelve thoufand per- fons prefent the firl’: evening z they pay halfa crown admittance; and all the opulent families, both of court and city,_fecm eager to {hut up and liifle themfelves there, in- fiead of going to breathe the pure air in the public walks.

The dreadful fire that happened

at Koninglberg broke out at a ba- ker’s lhop about three o’clock in the morning, and deflroyecl a great number of magazines filled with corn, wine, and rich merchan- dize; upwards of two hundred edi- fices were laid in allies, and the lofs is computed at feveral millions of rix-dollars. . The emperor of Germany paid a vifit to the Sardinian court in his way to Vienna from Rome. He dined with his Sardinian majelly, and in the afternoon accompanied his majefiy to the Corfo.

Mrs. Stuart of Mary-le-bone, near the Grotto, was delivered of three children, a boy and two girls, who were baptized the next day by the names of john, Harriet, and Anne.

A woman in Maryhone work- houlc -—-of twins, one white, the other black.

A poor woman at the Middlefex hofpital, of three girls, all likely to live. .

Died lately, Mifs Elliot, a fa- vourite dramatic performer. (See page io8.) 4

Samuel Raddeck, at Annapolis


Royal, the apothecary who govt: evidence againlt the M ncheiter re- bels in iyao.

Mr. William lVcllscfRochellier, aged 104.. _

Mr. Hornet of Gravefend, aged 106.

Mr. Day of the Borough, aged 106.

Old Peter Edwards the \Velch- man, aged 118.

Henry james Ofwald at Saint Omer’s, a celebrated mathemati- cian, aged tog.

john Martin Gardy, at Bruifels, aged iiz.

] U L Y. His grace the duke of Graf-

ton was inilalled chancellor of ‘n’ the univerfity of Cambridge, and af- terwards dined in a very fplendid manner in Triiiity-college-hall, at- tended by the archbilhop of Canter- bury, the duke of Bedford, marquis of Granby, lord Sandwich, lord North,'lord Weymouth,a great num- ber ofthe principal nobility, foreign minilicis, and gentlemen tifthe firfi diliinftion. A grand anthem was performed on this occafion ; and an

ode, cotiipofed by Mr. Gray, the

author of the celebrated Elegy in a country church-yard.

Mr. Derman’s fugar-houfe, in Black-friars, was burnt to the ground.

A large body of Journeymen weavers allernblt-rl in Spital- fields, and cut the work to pieces in feve- ral looms, but difpcrfed without any other mifchief.

Came on befcrc the lord chief jullice Wilmot, at Guildhall, a moll: remarkable caufe. between the re- prefentatives of Mr. Frede ick, for- merly a capital merchant of this