eel-of timber ; Mir. Lyne’s,confec- tioner; belides damaging a number of houfes on each fide, and three which lay backwards, with a quan- =tity of goods. ln Sherrard-lireet, it has deflroyed Ruflafls coIFee-houle ; Mr. Schoolefs, a (ilk-dyer; and Mr. Hole’s, a taylor; with four .others that are greatly damaged.- It was faid to be occalioned by the carelelliiefs ofa boy in melting fome rolin lfor whip-handles. The fcar- city ofwater for upwards ofan hour was amazing; not more than one engine could play, with any area, till -half an hour after nine o’clock. About eleven it was got f0 far un- der, as to prevent any farther tear of its increafe. A party of the guards attended, to keep of the populace. i

Thomas Mellor, alias Brooks, for a rape; William Dunk, for return- ing from tranfportation; and Ro- bert Merry and Richard Btlchier, for a robbery, were conveyed in two carts from Newgate to Ty- burn, where they were executed, purfuant to their fentence; they feerned extremely penitent, and be- haved with great devotion. Mellor died with great relblution. Three of them were very perlonable young men, and very decently dreiTed. A new gallows, of an uncommon con- firuétion, was erected upon the oc- cation.

Extract of a letter from Canterbury, july 26.

On Friday lali, a few minutes before twelve o’clock at noon, Su- fannah Lott and. Benjamin Buls were taken from the gaol, in order to be executed, purluant to their fentence, for the murder of Mr. Lott, by poifon. Bulk, drelTed in blackwvas carried in a waggon drawn by four horfes, and attended by two


or three lherifPs oflicers. Mrs. Lott, dreffed in a fuit of mourning {he had for her hulband, immediately followed on a hurdle drawn by four horfes. In this manner they pro- ceeded till they came to the place of execution; when Bufs,.aiterj lining in prayer with the clergyman, was hanged on a gallows about one hun- dred yards from the place where Mrs. Lott n/as to be executed. When he had hung about lifteen minutes, the oflicers thus proceeded to execute lentence on Mrs. Lott, who was particularly delirous that he lhruld {offer before her:

A poll, about (even feet high, was fixed in the ground; it had a peg near the top, to which Mrs. Lott, fianding on a liool, was fa-tened by the neck; when the llool was taken away, lhe hung about a quarter of an hour, till {he was quite dead: a chain was then turned round her body, and properly faltened by Ila. ples to the polt, when a large quan- tity of faggots being placed round her, and let on fire, the body was confurned to afhes. She was very fenlible of her crime, and died en- tirely penitent. The man did not betray any remarkable concern for his approaching end. lt is com. puted there were 5000 perfons at- tending the execution.”

Extract of a letter from Exeter, july 19.

Lalt Tueiday arrived here his grace the l). ofB. He was ulhered into Guildhall by a gentleman, to receive the freedom of this city, with hilling all the way: on his return, he was falutcd in the farm: manner, with the found of Wilkgg and Liberty’ joined to it; and, in all probability, would have been worle treated, had not the mayor, with the (word and llatf-oflicers, in-

[1 j 3 tcrpofed,