(as they call it) was held, the man was tried, and nothing appeared againll him but bare furmife; after reading a fermon, he was hung up at the yard-arm, with all the coolnefs and deliberation imaginable. They afterwards made the ifland of Hif- paniola, where they cut the ihip’s malts and rafted themfelves on fno:e, where molt of them got fhipping for New England, and from thence to Old England. The boy was like- wife detained to give evidence.

The above George Wood arrived at London from New-York, in the {hip Duchefs of Gordon, with Mar- tin Gow, \Villiam Bolton, and James Appleton, three ofhis bar- barous companions; and as they are all well known upon the river, and 2o l. reward is offered for each, it is hoped they will foon be taken, that their horrid offence may be punilhed as it deferves.

The following gentlemen waited on his majetty at St. James’: with the petition from the


i freeholders of the county of Surry ;

the hon. Peter King, fir Francis Vincent bart. fir jolieph Mawbey, bart. jofeph Martin, efq; Anthony Chapman, efq; and jofeph Clarke, efq. Sir Anthony Andy, bart. met the above gentlemen, previous to their going to court, at the Thatch- ecl-houfe tavern; but, being greatly indifpofed with the gout, could not attend them to the palace.

On the king’s return from the drawing-room, fir Francis Vincent, bart. the worthy reprefentative of the county, prefented the petition to his majefly, which was mofi gra- cioufly received.

An interview was this day held at Neifs, between the einperor of Germany and his Pruf- lfian majeilyzthe chief object of which,


it is faid, was to defeat the machi- nations of France for involving the court of Sweden in a war with the Rullians. Thefe auguil: monarchs {upped together, and afterwards continued in clofe ccnverfation till midnight.

Sir joieph Yorke delivered a me- rnorial to their High hIightinefi-es in favour of the claimants of a long litigated eFtate at Surinam, where the moll flagrant injufiice was done to a Britilh fubje-Ft, and jullice de- manded evalively protrafted. The Dutch, it is laid, have referred the enquiry to the College of Dircfiion at Surinam, who were the oppref- fors ; the fame as if ajudge were to

"all: a thief whether he were guilty

or not, and take his word in oppo- fition to the clearefi evidence. lt is charafleriftic of the Dutch, that they never fuifer a national injuftice done to a {object of theirs to pal-s unno- ticed; it is charaéierillic ofthe Eng- lifh, that they for ive the national injuries done to theigr people, from a principle of good nature.

Confiantinople, July i7. On Monday the 10th inftant a fire broke out in this city, which raged with

reat fur for twelve hours. lt burnt for near Z mile in length; and as it happened near the Eiippodrome, St. Sophia, and the porte, it confumed a great number of the principal palaces, fome {mall mofques, and near fix hundred houfes.

This day, at eleven dclock, the eleilors of Weliminfier, to the number of about (even thou- fand, allcmbled in XVeIIminIier-hall. to petition his mnjellj/ for redrefs of grievances. At twelve o'clock iir Robert Barnard, bart. was called to the chair, which was laced on the fieps of the court of ctiimmon pleas. It is not a little remarkable, that the