lie rooms at Bath, on the evening of the general confufion in April lafi; when a verdict was given for the plaintiE, of 501. damages, and full colts of fuit, A verdict of 5 l. damages and full cofis was alfo given in two feparate actions. brought by Wroughton, efq; againlt two other gentlemen.

At the afiizes at Exeter, an at- torney was tried for perjury, fined 201. and to be irnprifoned twelve months.

A late candidate for a borough in Sufiiex recovered 5001. at the lalt af- fizes, on the fiatute of bribery and corruption.

A letter from Bodmin, in Corn- wall, lays, No lefs than {even caufes have been tried thefe aflizes for bribery at the lali: election for the borough of To have heard the evidence relative to the bribery, and the infamous practices ufed at the election, would make you fhudder. The plaintifFs in all the caufes obtained verdifls, fome in 10001. others in 15001. and fo onto 30001. penalties, on the bribery at‘. .”

A woman was lately arrefied at Vienna, charged with having kill- ed above 100 children. Her em- ployment was to nurfe, at her own houfe, the children of women who were themfelves nurfes in great fa- milies, and alfo the infants ofluzh as did not chufe to own them. lt was her cultom to get fome months board paid her in advance, and in a fhort time after fhe came to tt-ll the mother of the death of her child. It is certain that, during 17 months, near 9o children have been carried from her houfe to the grave. Such a number of fuccellive deaths muft naturally render her, ifnot altoge- ther culpable, at leall: tery much


fufpefiied. It is {aid that {he hath already ccmfelTed her crime, and difcovered ieveral accomplices.

The French ambaffador hath late- ly prefented a memorial to the States General, in which he acquaint: them that the illand of Corfica is united to the dominions of France; and hopes that in cafe any {hips for the future {hall appear under Corfican colours, their H. M. will look up- on them as pirates, and treat them accordingly.

Married, at St. Luke’s, Cld. llreet, James Gray, a dealerin hard- ware, aged 78, to Penelope Brooks, aged 69, whofe mother, aged 102, was at the wedding.

At Tamworth, in Oxfordthirc, john Workhoufe, efq; aged 30, to Mifs Bonfier, aged 7o.

Died, aged 97, jolhua Bain- bridge, efq;

In the park, Southwark, aged near 107, Mr. john Daniel, former- ly a confiderable ironmcnger; he had been blind upwards 0H7 years, and bed-ridden near 22 years.

Monday lehtnight, at Uilc in Monmouthihire, Richard jones, efq; generally known by the name of Happy Dick, under which title he was the (object of a much-ad- mired Old Yong.

In Berwick-lireet, Soho, aged 9g. John Vickers, eFq; tvho dilii- goifhed himiislf at the battle of the Boyne, in lrcland.


Yellerday morning, about five o'clock, three houfes fell (lown near Rcd-liomlirect, GOOCl- man's-fields, and the inhabitants, to the amount of twenty perfons, (unfortunately being in bed) were buried in the ruins; {ome were tittg-