out, not without receiving great hurt, and {ome broken limbs; a womrfl, attempting to make her efcape out at a window, was un- fortunately jammed therein, and could not be cleared; lhe wasted for fume time, but no fuliicient re- lief bob-g polfible to be given, lhe Unhappily pe-ilhed.

On Turlday lalt, as two gentle- men were riding over Hounllotv- heath, they oblerved a number of people allembled under two trees which grow by themfelves, and cu~ riolity leading them to fee what could be the matter, found that they were a gang ofgypfies, about twelve in number, who were boiling and mailing in the modern talle, Al Frelco, on account of a converlion. as they called it: this converlion conlilted ofrubbing or dying a fine young girl, about Teventeen, with walnut-lhell, it being the firlt day of her entering into the lociety.

Came on at Bedford the e- ‘it ' leélion of mayor of that cor- poration for the year enfuing, at which his grace the duke of Bed- ford attended, as recorder of that borough. A quellion was firlt pro- poled to the corporation, VJhethc-r anynew freemen lhould be admit- ted? which tvas carried in the a?- firmative by leventeeti to eleven, againll the duke of Bedford. After this relolution, the court proceeded t0 the choice of the mayor, when it was agreed that thole in oppoli- tion to his grace‘ lhould poll firll", and accordingly they polled to the number of 456, when the dul<e’s friends gave up the contell, alter polling 25 only.

The Academy Royal are ilfuing out honorary premiums, we hear, for the emulating of youth to apply themlelves to drawing.


The above are to be given on fomcthing the lame plan with that of the Society of Arts, only it is to be confined to the youth who are admitted by the council to draw alter the life, and ltatues in the aca- demy. The rewards for the excel- ling are to be lilver medals.

There is another premium oliered to adults and adepts, which is to be a gold medal; and to be given to the perlon who lhall paint the belt allegorical picture in oil, the fob. jeét to be given by the prefident and council.

The medals for the above pre- miums are now executing from a delign, and under the direction, of Mr.Yeo. Theintrinlicvalueofthe gold medal will amount to near zol.

Befides the lilver medals to be given to youths who excel their competitors in drawing; he that is allowed to have the greatelt merit will be lent to Italy, with an allow- ance from a great perfonage, in order to make a colle€tion of draw- ings for the ule ofthe academy.

The ballot came on at the 6 h Ball-India houle, on the fol- t lowing quellion, viz. That this court doth approve the alterations propoled by the attorney-general, the hon. lVlr. Yorke, and Mr. Sayer, in the luperintending commillion, and that a new commillion be made out accordingly,” when the num~ hers were as follows: for the quell aim, 236; againlt it, 144; ma- JCJZEf, 92.

Mr. Allen, fat-her to the young man who was {hot lome time ago in a eow-houlie in St. George’s- fields delivered a petition to his majelly at 5t. _]ames’s.

The jubilee at Stratlbrd-upon- Avon, in honour of Shakefpeare,

. began this day.