Mr. F oote, in his Devil upon Two Sticks, gives the following fatirical account of this fellival : A jubi- lee, as it hath lately appeared, is a public invitation, circulated and urged by pulling, to go poll: without horfes, to an obfcure borough with- out reptefentatives, governed by a mayor and aldermen who are no magifirates, to celebrate a great poet whole own‘ works have made him immortal, by an ode without poetry, mulic without melody, din- ners without victuals, and lodgings without" beds ; a mafquerade, where half the people appeared bare- faced, a horfc-race up to the knees in water, lire-works extinguilhed as foon as they were lighted, a ginger- bread amphitheatre, which, like a houfe of cards, tumbled to pieces as foon as it was linilhed.

The court met at the India- ° houfe again, and, after a va- riety ofinterefiing debates upon the powers to be granted to the ofiicer of the crown,it was at length agreed toballot for the following quel- tion: That this court will give the oflicers of the crown, command- ing lhips of the line, a lhare in the deliberations and refolutions of the company, merely with regard to the two objects of making peace and declaring war, when his ma- jelly’s forces are employed.”

A letter from lord Weymouth to the merchants was received, im- porting, that the Rullians have difpatched a fleet of 2o [hips of the line to Conllantinople.

At the anniverlary meeting of the Eons of the clergy, held at New- callle, the collection amounted to 311L108. which was dillributcd among one clergyman incapacitat- ed, 2o clergymen’s widows, 12

Glergymen’s fons 3 cler men's 'Vot..XII. '5 gy


“[1 19 daughters, and the family ofa cler-

gyman’s daughter deceafed. At the anniverfary of the three

choirs at Glouceller, the collection

amounted to 3431. 8s.

A petition was delivered to his majelly, by Dennys de Berdt, efq; agent for the lioufe of‘ reprelienta- tives of the province or lviallachu- {ett’s Bay; containing (everal alle- gations againll the condufil of the governor (the fubllance oiiwhich has been mentioned at different times in the refoluticns of the faid houle, Sec.) ; and concludes with intreating his majefly, “that his excellency the governor may be For ever removed from the government or the laid province, and that his majelly would be gracioully pieafed to place one in his ltcad, worthy to lerve the great~ ell and bell monarch on earth.”

A very reiipeétable meeting nth of the frceholders ofBucking- ' ° harnlhire, aflembled at Aylefbury, when the hon. Mr. l-lambden \V3.S called to the chair. A petition, confined to the right of election, was read by Mr. Aubrey, member for Wallingford, in which the whole allembly concurred with loud acclamations, and proceeded to fign itiimmcdialely.

William Taunton, late of the Ram-inn, at Colnbrook, was carri- ed in a hackney-coach, attended by two lheritPs ollicers, with the execu- tioner behind, and executed at Ty- burn, for the wilful murder of Mar- garet Phipps, with whom he coha- bited. His body was afterwards ta- ken to Surgeons-hall for dilleélion.

Another coalheaver wasconviéled at l~licks’s hall, for firing at Mr. Green, mailer of the Round-about tavern in Wapping, and fentenced to lulier {even years imprifonment in N ewgate. ‘i

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